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S06116 Summary:

Rpld §14-114 sub 6, §14-124 sub 3, §6-120, amd El L, generally; add §359-gg, Gen Bus L; add §99-hh, amd §95, St Fin L, add §630-g, Tax L
Enacts the "integrity in elections act of 2019"; authorizes a change of party affiliation not less than 25 days prior to the next ensuing primary, general or special election; requires the majority vote of the entire party committee for the jurisdiction in which a candidate for public office is running, in order to nominate such candidate as the party candidate; prohibits the transfer of funds between a candidate and committees not formed for the purposes of such candidate; limits independent expenditures for political purposes; limits contributions to $2,600 to any single candidate during an election cycle; enacts campaign finance reform to provide for matching funds for the campaigns of state elected officials; authorizes the imposition of an additional surcharge on recoveries for fraudulent practices regarding stocks, bonds and other securities; establishes the New York state campaign finance fund; provides for a New York state campaign finance fund check-off.
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