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S07510 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement good government and ethics reform budget for 2018-2019; relates to the disclosure of the identities of political committees, persons, organizations, or agents making certain expenditures for political communications and maintaining a record of such that is available online for public inspection (Part A); relates to motor vehicle registration and to establish early voting (Part B); requires any member of the legislature who obtains outside employment of the legislature in excess of five thousand dollars per year to request a formal advisory opinion from the legislative ethics commission; provides that one of the remaining members of the legislative ethics commission shall be appointed by the office of court administration (Part C); relates to political contributions by limited liability companies or other corporate entities (Part D); requires the financial disclosures of certain local officials (Part E); establishes contribution limits, a public campaign financing system, the New York state campaign finance fund and a New York state campaign finance fund check-off (Part F); relates to the freedom of information law; adds new definitions, provides for certain new procedures and makes the provisions thereof applicable to both houses of the state legislature (Part G); relates to including certain not-for-profit organizations and foundations within the jurisdiction of the state inspector general including any entity for the benefit of or controlled by SUNY or CUNY or their respective universities, colleges, community colleges, campuses or subdivisions (Part H); relates to giving the inspector general jurisdiction over state procurement including the investigation of alleged corruption, fraud, criminal activity, conflicts of interest or abuse by certain officers, employees and contracted parties (Part I); relates to the implementation and enforcement of SUNY and CUNY financial control policies, including the policies of affiliated nonprofit organizations and foundations (Part J); creates the position of chief procurement officer who shall have oversight over all state procurements (Part K); relates to government vendor contributions (Part L); and requires the establishment of single identifying vendor codes or numbers to all contractors, vendors and grantees directly receiving payments of state funds to facilitate the tracking of certain entities and facilitate the tracking of final audit determinations of such entities issued by the attorney general and the state comptroller (Part M).
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