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A. 2006 Summary:

SAME ASNo same as
COSPNSRJohn, Christensen, Gottfried, Grannis, Cook, Davis, Weinstein, Silver, Eddington
MLTSPNSRAbbate, Aubry, Clark, Cohen A, Cohen M, Colman, Colton, Cymbrowitz, Destito, Diaz, Dinowitz,Englebright, Espaillat, Eve, Galef, Gianaris, Gordon, Heastie, Jacobs, Klein, Koon, Lafayette,Lavelle, Levy, Lopez, Luster, Magnarelli, Markey, Matusow, Mayersohn, McEneny, Millman, Nolan,Ortiz, Paulin, Perry, Pheffer, Powell, Rivera J, Scarborough, Sidikman, Stringer, Sullivan E,Sweeney, Tonko, Weisenberg, Wright
Amd SS3221, 4303, 4322 & 4324, Ins L; amd S4408, Pub Health L
Makes various provisions regarding health insurance coverage including requiring certain policies to cover bone density measurement and other drug therapy; removes the deductible from coverage for cervical cytological screening and mammograms; extends mammogram eligibility to persons forty and over; requires prescription drug coverage to include contraceptives; requires notice of availability of obstetrical and gynecological services.
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