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E00190 Summary:

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E00190 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 190
BY: M. of A. Heastie
            in  response to the 2023-2024 Executive Budget
        submission  (Bill  Nos.  A.3000-A,  A.3001,  A.3002,
        A.3003-A,  A.3004-A,  A.3005-A,  A.3006-A, A.3007-A,
        A.3008-A, and A.3009-A) to be adopted as legislation
        expressing  the  position  of  the  New  York  State
        Assembly  relating  to  the 2023-2024 New York State
  WHEREAS, Article 7 of the  constitution  requires  the  Governor  to
submit  an executive budget containing a plan of expenditures to be made
before the close of the ensuing fiscal year and  recommendations  as  to
proposed legislation; and
  WHEREAS, At the time of submitting the budget to the legislature the
Governor  is  required  to  submit  a  bill  or bills containing all the
proposed appropriations and reappropriations included in the budget  and
the proposed legislation, if any, recommended therein; and
  WHEREAS,  No  provision  may  be  embraced in any appropriation bill
submitted by  the  Governor  unless  it  relates  specifically  to  some
particular  appropriation  in  the bill, and any such provision shall be
limited in its operation to such appropriation; and
  WHEREAS, Upon submission, pursuant to Joint  Rule  III,  the  Senate
finance committee and the Assembly ways and means committee undertake an
analysis and public review of all the provisions of such budget; and
  WHEREAS,   After   study  and  deliberation,  each  committee  makes
recommendations in the form of bills and resolutions as to the  contents
thereof  and  such  other  items  of  appropriation deemed necessary and
desirable for the operation of the  government  in  the  ensuing  fiscal
year; and
  WHEREAS,  All  such fiscal committees' recommendations, when arrived
at, are then to  be  placed  before  the  members  of  the  Legislature,
individually  and  collectively,  in  their  respective houses for their
consideration and approval; and
  WHEREAS, Each house thereupon considers and  adopts  legislation  in
bill  format  expressing  its  positions  on  the budget for the ensuing
fiscal year; and
  WHEREAS, Upon  adoption  thereof,  a  Conference  Committee  on  the
Budget,  authorized  by concurrent resolution of the Senate and Assembly
pursuant to Joint Rule III, and such subcommittees  thereof  as  may  be
deemed  necessary  are  appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly and the
Temporary  President  of  the  Senate,  respectively,  will  engage   in
negotiations  designed  to reach an accord on the contents of the budget
for the ensuing fiscal year; and
  WHEREAS, In order  to  commence  a  Legislative  process  of  budget
negotiations  designed  to  reach a timely accord on the contents of the
budget for  the  ensuing  fiscal  year,  it  is  necessary  that  budget
proposals  be  adopted  by  each  house  of  the Legislature; be it now,
  RESOLVED,  That,  this  resolution, together with the New York State
Assembly  proposals  for  Executive  budget  resubmission  contained  in
Assembly   Bill  Nos.  A.3000-B,  A.3001,  A.3002,  A.3003-B,  A.3004-B,
A.3005-B,  A.3006-B,  A.3007-B,  A.3008-B,  and  A.3009-B,   which   are
incorporated as if fully set forth in this resolution, herein constitute
the legislation which expresses the budget proposals of the Assembly for
the 2023-2024 New York State Budget.
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