S07650 Summary:

Add 19.18-d, Ment Hyg L
Establishes an intensive addiction and medical services integrated services pilot program to support two three-year demonstration programs that provide intensive addiction and medical services integrated services to individuals who have significant addiction and medical issues.
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S07650 Actions:

05/03/2022PRINT NUMBER 7650A
05/09/20221ST REPORT CAL.1095
05/10/20222ND REPORT CAL.
05/24/2022referred to ways and means
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S07650 Committee Votes:

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S07650 Floor Votes:

There are no votes for this bill in this legislative session.
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S07650 Memo:

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S07650 Text:

                STATE OF NEW YORK
                    IN SENATE
                                     January 5, 2022
        Introduced by Sens. HARCKHAM, MAY -- read twice and ordered printed, and
          when  printed  to  be  committed  to  the  Committee on Alcoholism and
          Substance  Abuse  --  committee  discharged,  bill  amended,   ordered
          reprinted as amended and recommitted to said committee
        AN  ACT  to amend the mental hygiene law, in relation to establishing an
          intensive addiction and medical  services  integrated  services  pilot
          program;  and providing for the repeal of such provisions upon expira-
          tion thereof
          The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and  Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section  1.  The mental hygiene law is amended by adding a new section
     2  19.18-d to read as follows:
     3  § 19.18-d Intensive addiction and medical services  integrated  services
     4              pilot program.
     5    1.  Within the funds appropriated to the office, a pilot program shall
     6  be established to support two  three-year  demonstration  programs  that
     7  provide  intensive addiction and medical services integrated services to
     8  individuals who have significant addiction and medical  issues.  One  of
     9  the  demonstration  programs  shall  be  located in a rural area and one
    10  shall be located in an urban setting as determined by the  commissioner.
    11  The  services  provided  shall  include  but not be limited to intensive
    12  physical health care services, addiction counseling for both  the  indi-
    13  vidual  with  significant addiction and medical issues and their family,
    14  peer supports, and transportation assistance.  Such  services  shall  be
    15  primarily  provided  in a treatment facility certified by the office or,
    16  as clinically and socially necessitated, in the community or home of the
    17  individual receiving such services. Such funding may  also  be  used  to
    18  build  a new facility or modify an existing facility for the purposes of
    19  such demonstration programs.
    20    2. Not later than June thirtieth of the year following  the  enactment
    21  of this section, and annually thereafter, the commissioner shall provide
    22  the governor, the temporary president of the senate, the minority leader
    23  of  the  senate, the speaker of the assembly, the minority leader of the
    24  assembly, the chair of the senate standing committee on  alcoholism  and
         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.

        S. 7650--A                          2
     1  substance  abuse,  and the chair of the assembly committee on alcoholism
     2  and drug abuse with a written evaluation of the  demonstration  programs
     3  established pursuant to subdivision one of this section. Such evaluation
     4  shall,  at  a  minimum, address the overall effectiveness of such demon-
     5  stration programs, identify best practices for services  provided  under
     6  the  demonstration  programs  and  any  additional  services that may be
     7  appropriate within each type of program operated, regulated, funded,  or
     8  approved by the office, address whether continuation or expansion of the
     9  pilot  program  established by subdivision one of this section is recom-
    10  mended, and identify any changes needed in existing medicaid or  private
    11  insurance  reimbursement  models.  The  written evaluation shall be made
    12  publicly available on the office's website.
    13    § 2. This act shall take effect the first of April next succeeding the
    14  fiscal year in which this act shall have become a law and  shall  expire
    15  March  31  of the third succeeding fiscal year thereafter when upon such
    16  date the provisions of this act shall be  deemed  repealed.    Effective
    17  immediately,  the addition, amendment and/or repeal of any rule or regu-
    18  lation necessary for the implementation of this act  on  or  before  its
    19  effective date are authorized to be made.
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