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S04658 Summary:

Alienates and substitutes certain parklands in the village of Waterford, county of Saratoga.
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S04658 Actions:

03/07/20171ST REPORT CAL.340
03/08/20172ND REPORT CAL.
03/27/2017referred to local governments
06/14/2017substituted for a6420
06/14/2017ordered to third reading rules cal.222
06/14/2017home rule request
06/14/2017passed assembly
06/14/2017returned to senate
10/23/2017SIGNED CHAP.383
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S04658 Memo:

Memo not available
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S04658 Text:

                STATE OF NEW YORK
                               2017-2018 Regular Sessions
                    IN SENATE
                                    February 23, 2017
        Introduced by Sen. MARCHIONE -- read twice and ordered printed, and when
          printed to be committed to the Committee on Local Government
        AN  ACT  alienating and substituting certain parklands in the village of
          Waterford, county of Saratoga
          The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and  Assem-
        bly, do enact as follows:
     1    Section  1.  Subject  to  the  provisions  of this act, the village of
     2  Waterford in the county of Saratoga, acting by and through  the  village
     3  board,  is hereby authorized to discontinue as parklands, the lands more
     4  particularly described in section three of this  act  and  to  use  said
     5  lands  for village fire department purposes. The commissioner of general
     6  services shall amend a deed from the state to the village conveying  the
     7  lands  described in section three, relating to the use of the said lands
     8  for village fire department purposes.
     9    § 2. The authorization contained in section one of this act shall take
    10  effect only upon the condition that the village of Waterford shall dedi-
    11  cate an amount equal or greater than the fair market value of the  prop-
    12  erty  being  alienated  in this act toward the acquisition of additional
    13  parklands and/or capital improvements to existing parklands.
    14    § 3. The parklands authorized by section one of this act to be discon-
    15  tinued as parklands are as follows:
    16    All that piece or parcel of land situate in the village of  Waterford,
    17  town of Waterford, county of Saratoga and state of New York, being bound
    18  and described as follows:
    19    Beginning  at  a  point at the northwest corner of parcel no. 1, lands
    20  retained by New York state  department  of  transportation,  said  point
    21  being  N.  73°58' E. a distance of 107.00 feet from Station 197+83.26 of
    22  the centerline of the improved Erie canal; thence  from  said  point  of
    23  beginning  along  the  bounds  of  said parcel no. 1 the following three
    24  courses and distances:
    25    1. N. 73°58'E a distance of 311.06 feet to a point;
         EXPLANATION--Matter in italics (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                              [ ] is old law to be omitted.

        S. 4658                             2
     1    2. S. 17°23'40"W a distance of 299.83 feet to a point; and
     2    3.  S.  63°06'E  a  distance  of 98.09 feet to a point on the westerly
     3  bounds of eighth street;
     4    thence S. 26°54'W  along  the  westerly  bounds  of  eighth  street  a
     5  distance  of 30.0 feet to a point; thence N. 63°06'W along the bounds of
     6  said parcel no. 1 a distance  of  93.07  feet  to  a  point;  thence  S.
     7  46°42'31"W  through  said  parcel  no.  1  a distance of 71.21 feet to a
     8  point; thence along the bounds of said parcel no. 1 the following  three
     9  courses and distances:
    10    1. S. 46°42'40"W. a distance of 41.79 feet to a point;
    11    2. N. 31°03'14" W. a distance of 30.61 feet to a point; and
    12    3.  N. 20°01'05" W. a distance of 298.53 feet to the point or place of
    13  beginning, containing 1.465 acres of land, more or less
    14    Being a portion of parcel no. 1 on map no. 1 on a  map  entitled  "New
    15  York  State Department of Transportation Description and Map of Lands to
    16  be Retained, Canal Lands, Saratoga County",  dated  March  3,  1993  and
    17  filed in the New York State Office of General Services as O.G.S. Map No.
    18  2052.
    19    §  4.  In the event that the village of Waterford received any funding
    20  support or assistance from the  federal  government  for  the  purchase,
    21  maintenance  or  improvement of the parklands set forth in section three
    22  of this act, the discontinuance and alienation of such parkland  author-
    23  ized  by the provisions of section one of this act shall not occur until
    24  the village of Waterford has  complied  with  any  federal  requirements
    25  pertaining  to the alienation or conversion of such parklands, including
    26  satisfying the secretary of the interior that the alienation or  conver-
    27  sion  complies  with  all conditions which the secretary of the interior
    28  deems necessary to assure the  substitution  of  other  lands  shall  be
    29  equivalent in fair market value and usefulness to the lands being alien-
    30  ated or converted.
    31    § 5. This act shall take effect immediately.
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