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K00023 Summary:

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K00023 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 23
BY: M. of A. Norris
        COMMEMORATING the 200th Anniversary of the Town of
        Alden, New York
  WHEREAS,  It  is  the  intent  of this Legislative Body to honor and
commemorate  the  distinguished  histories  of  the  communities   which
comprise the noble body of this great Empire State; and
  WHEREAS,  Attendant  to  such  concern,  and in full accord with its
long-standing traditions, this  Legislative  Body  is  justly  proud  to
commemorate  the 200th Anniversary of the Town of Alden, New York, to be
recognized with a Bicentennial Celebration in March of 2023; and
  WHEREAS, The Town of Alden was established and codified in the  Laws
of the State of New York on March 27, 1823; and
  WHEREAS, Of historic origin, and remaining fruitful over the ebb and
flow  of  decades  of  growth and change, the Town of Alden continues to
provide the quintessential quality of life for its residents; and
  WHEREAS, The residents of the Town of Alden have  a  bright  outlook
for  the  future  of their community, which remains a beautiful place in
which to live and raise a family; and
  WHEREAS, In recognition of the Town  of  Alden's  rich  history  and
enduring contribution to the State of New York, this Legislative Body is
proud  to  pay  tribute  to  this spirited town upon the occasion of its
200th Anniversary; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its  deliberations  to
commemorate  the  200th  Anniversary  of  the  Town  of Alden, New York,
recognizing the significance of the role it continues  to  play  in  the
life of the community of the State of New York; and be it further
  RESOLVED,  That  a  copy  of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be
transmitted to the Town of Alden, New York.
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