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A09764 Summary:

SPONSORDe Los Santos
Amd Art 2 Title 2-F Title Head, §§240, 241, 242 & 243, Pub Health L
Redefines the duties and renames the office of minority health to the office of health equity; renames the minority health council to the health equity council.
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A09764 Memo:

submitted in accordance with Assembly Rule III, Sec 1(f)
SPONSOR: De Los Santos
  PURPOSE: The purpose of this bill is to rename the Office of Minority Health under the Department of Health to the Office of Health Equity and rede- fine the mission and scope for the office.   SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS: Section one of the bill would amend Title II-F of Article 2 of the PHL to reflect the renaming of the Office of Minority Health to the Office of Health Equity. Section two amends section 240 of the public health law to provide defi- nitions for "underserved populations," "health disparities," "health equity," and "social determinants of health." This sections also amends the definition of "minority area" to read as the "racially and ethnically diverse area." Section three amends section 241 of the public health law to authorize the Office of Health Equity to work collaboratively with other state agencies and affected stakeholders to set priorities, collect and disseminate data, align resources within the department, conduct health promotion, and conduct educational outreach. This section also includes provisions to promote community strategic planning and address the caus- es of health disparities considering factors such as education, nutri- tion, housing, and economic opportunity. Section four of the bill would provide technical amendments and amend the reporting requirements of the Office of Health Equity to include analysis of the health status of vulnerable populations and recommenda- tions to programs intended to meet the health and health care needs of vulnerable populations. Section five amends section 243 of the public health law to establish that a majority of the appointed voting membership of the health equity council shall constitute a quorum. Section six establishes the effective date of the bill.   JUSTIFICATION: Recently, the Office of Minority Health under the Department of Health has deliberated on the use of the terms "minority" and "disparity" and the growing sentiment to move away from their use. The Office believes a formal name change to the Office of Health Equity more accurately reflects the mission, vision, and values of the Department of Health and the Office to provide the highest level of health to all populations. The term "minority" limits the understanding of the population the Office serves and given the demographic shifts in New York State and excludes many other groups of people who face health disparities and barriers. The term "equity" would better reflect the purpose of the Office, which is to serve all vulnerable populations. The term "health equity" within the newly named Office also signifies that there are larger societal determinants of health related to an individual's economic, physical, and social environments and that the observed meas- urable differences in health and well-being can be impacted by collec- tive public health action. By broadening the scope of the Office to include vulnerable populations and to consider factors that could have an impact on health outcomes, the Office can more effectively improve health outcomes within vulner- able populations. Through health promotion, educational outreach, and implementing interventions aimed at achieving health equity among under- served communities, the Office can better work toward making quality healthcare more available and accessible. A newly named Office and the responsibilities assumed reflect an important step in recognizing and acting upon the social determinants of health which prevent health equi- ty in New York.   LEGISLATIVE HISTORY: This is a new bill.   BUDGET IMPLICATIONS: None noted.   EFFECTIVE DATE: Immediately.
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