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K02114 Summary:

MLTSPNSRAngelino, Berger, Burgos, Colton, Davila, DeStefano, Dickens, Fitzpatrick, Giglio JA, Giglio JM, Hevesi, Hyndman, Jean-Pierre, Kim, Lemondes, Levenberg, Lupardo, Maher, Manktelow, McDonald, McDonough, Mikulin, Paulin, Pheffer Amato, Raga, Rajkumar, Rosenthal L, Rozic, Seawright, Simon, Simone, Tague, Weprin, Zebrowski
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K02114 Memo:

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K02114 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 2114
BY: M. of A. Braunstein
        MOURNING   the  death  of  Paul  Vallone,  beloved
        lawmaker,  devoted  family  man,  and  distinguished
        member of his community
  WHEREAS, There are certain outstanding members of our community who,
through  their selfless commitment and dedication, have served to better
the quality of life in our community and have had a measurable  positive
impact  on  the  lives  of  its  residents;  Paul  Vallone  was one such
individual; and
  WHEREAS, It is with  profound  sorrow  and  deep  regret  that  this
Legislative  Body  records  the  passing  of  Paul  Vallone,  noting the
significance of his purposeful life and accomplishments; and
  WHEREAS, Deputy Commissioner of Veterans' Services and  former  City
Councilman, Paul Vallone died on Sunday, January 28, 2024, at the age of
56;  a  renowned New York City leader, his name and photo were in lights
at Citi Field on Monday, January 29, 2024, memorializing his legacy, and
City Hall flags flew at half-mast in his honor; and
  WHEREAS, A resident of Queens, New York, Paul Vallone was  a  beacon
of  light in every room he entered; his infectious smile and warm spirit
touched the lives of everyone he encountered; his  unwavering  love  for
his  family  was  evident in every gesture, every word spoken, and every
moment shared; he was a pillar of strength and support,  as  well  as  a
constant source of encouragement and guidance to those he held dear; and
  WHEREAS,  Paul  Vallone  came from one of the most storied political
families in Queens, with a record  of  public  service  stretching  back
decades;  he  was the son of Peter Vallone Sr., the City Council's first
speaker, and the grandson of Charles Vallone Sr., a civil  court  judge;
Paul's  brother,  Peter  Jr., succeeded his father on the Council before
following in his grandfather's footsteps and  joining  the  civil  court
bench;  their  brother  Perry  is  a  consultant with Constantinople and
Vallone; and
  WHEREAS, During  his  three-term,  eight-year  tenure  on  the  City
Council,  Paul Vallone focused on education; early in his career when he
represented northeast Queens, he helped  reinstate  the  New  York  City
Council  Merit  Scholarship, also known as the Peter F. Vallone Academic
Scholarship, through which qualified students could receive up  to  $350
per semester; and
  WHEREAS,  Furthermore,  he  worked  to  add  4,500  school  seats in
District 19, including an upcoming elementary school in Bay Terrace, and
spearheaded a 10-plus-year effort to  renovate  Bowne  Park,  which  was
completed last spring; and
  WHEREAS, Paul Vallone worked tirelessly to find common ground and to
bring  people  together;  throughout his time in office, the blue-collar
community he represented knew they had a fighter from  the  neighborhood
representing them in City Hall; and
  WHEREAS,  In  that  role and as a member of the administration, Paul
Vallone was a committed advocate for veterans, faithfully serving  those
who have served our country; and
  WHEREAS,  Paul  Vallone  not  only  carried  on his family's immense
legacy of service - he personified and  embodied  it;  he  inspired  his
colleagues  every single day to be better elected officials, however, it
is perhaps his lessons in friendship, family and fatherhood  that  those
lucky  enough to have worked with him will cherish for the rest of time;
Queens is truly a better borough because of Paul; and
  WHEREAS, Coming from a musical family, Paul Vallone enjoyed  playing
the  drums and singing; he also had a well-documented love of Christmas,
and on the 25th day of every month, he was known to countdown  how  many
months were left until the holiday; and
  WHEREAS,  While  he  was passionate about many things, above all his
greatest passion was being a husband and  father;  in  addition  to  his
parents,  brothers  and extended family, Paul Vallone is survived by his
wife, Anna-Marie; son, Charlie; and daughters, Catena and Lea; and
  WHEREAS, Paul Vallone's infinite selflessness and  benevolence  will
shine  on through his family's vivid and happy memories; his insight and
strength will forever serve as a beacon of love, light and hope  to  the
countless lives he touched; and
  WHEREAS,  Armed  with a humanistic spirit and imbued with a sense of
compassion, Paul Vallone leaves behind a legacy which will  long  endure
the  passage  of  time and will remain as a comforting memory to all who
were privileged to have known and loved such an amazing man; he will  be
deeply  missed and truly merits the grateful tribute of this Legislative
Body; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its  deliberations  to
mourn  the death of Paul Vallone, and to express its deepest condolences
to his family; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted to the family of Paul Vallone.
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