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K02138 Summary:

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K02138 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 2138
BY: M. of A. Stirpe
        MOURNING  the untimely death and paying tribute to
        the life and heroic service  of  Lieutenant  Michael
        "Hootch"  Hoosock  who  died  in the line of duty on
        April 14, 2024
  WHEREAS, It is the sense of this  Legislative  Body  to  convey  its
grateful appreciation and heartfelt regret in recognition of the loss of
a  courageous  and  decorated  Onondaga  County Sheriff's Lieutenant who
dedicated his purposeful life and career  in  faithful  service  to  his
family  and  to  the  residents  of  Onondaga  County, New York, and its
surrounding communities; and
  WHEREAS, It is with profound  sadness  that  this  Legislative  Body
records the tragic and untimely death of Lieutenant Michael Hoosock, who
made   the   ultimate   sacrifice   while   faithfully   executing   his
responsibilities to serve and protect his community on Sunday, April 14,
2024; he was thirty-seven; and
  WHEREAS, A sixteen year veteran of  the  Onondaga  County  Sheriff's
Office,  Lieutenant  Michael  Hoosock exemplified what it truly means to
give of himself in providing vital law enforcement services  in  keeping
with  the  noble mission of the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office; he was
honored  as  Deputy  of  the  Year  by  the  New  York  State  Sheriff's
Association; and
  WHEREAS,  Lieutenant  Michael  Hoosock  joined  the  Onondaga County
Sheriff's Office in September of 2007 as a Deputy; he  was  promoted  to
Lieutenant  in  2023, and was the Bomb Squad Commander for the Sheriff's
Office; and
  WHEREAS, Lieutenant  Michael  Hoosock  served  the  Onondaga  County
Sheriff's  Office  with dedication, loyalty, and compassion, earning the
admiration, affection, and esteem of his brothers and sisters  in  blue;
  WHEREAS,   With   a  steadfast  and  unwavering  commitment  to  his
community, and in addition to his illustrious career in law enforcement,
Lieutenant Michael Hoosock was also a volunteer member with the Lyncourt
Fire Department from 2005 to 2007, and  with  the  Moyers  Corners  Fire
Department  since  2007, rising rapidly to become Second Deputy Chief in
2018;  he  was  also  a  Firefighter/Paramedic  with  the  Manlius  Fire
Department; and
  WHEREAS,  A devoted father, husband, and sheriff, Lieutenant Michael
Hoosock loved spending time with his family; he is survived by his wife,
Caitlin, and their three young  children,  as  well  as  numerous  other
relatives and friends; and
  WHEREAS,  Lieutenant  Michael  Hoosock's  infinite  selflessness and
benevolence will shine on through his family's vivid and happy memories;
his life of service and strength will forever serve as a beacon of love,
light and hope to the countless lives he touched; and
  WHEREAS, Armed with a humanistic spirit and imbued with a  sense  of
compassion, Lieutenant Michael Hoosock leaves behind a legacy which will
long  endure  the passage of time and will remain as a comforting memory
to all who were privileged to have known and loved such an amazing  man;
he  will  be deeply missed and truly merits the grateful tribute of this
Legislative Body; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its  deliberations  to
mourn  the  untimely death of Lieutenant Michael Hoosock, and to express
its deepest condolences to his family; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted to the family of Lieutenant Michael Hoosock.
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