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A11702 Summary:

Amd St Fin L, generally; amd S1615, Tax L; amd SS17.03, 27.15 & 27.17, Pks & Rec L; amd S551, LabL; amd SS16-a, 316 & 316-a, R & SS L; add Art 4-B SS75 & 76, Leg L
Establishes procedure for implementation of a contingency budget on the first day of the fiscal year in the event the legislature has not finally acted upon all appropriation bills submitted by the governor; enacts provisions relating to appropriations for public education; submission of financial plans; requires use of separate schedules; multi-year financial plan changes; provides for additional debt reporting; revisions of financial plans and capital improvement programs; establishes earlier time frames for certain actions (quickstart); creates the health care reform act fund; provides for reporting of journal voucher transactions; changes the date of the fiscal year; creates the New York state independent budget office; provides for procedures relating to appropriations and reporting for information technology projects; provides for revision of information by the executive to reflect legislative action on the executive budget and contingency budget; relates to amounts held and transferred to and by the tax stabilization reserve fund and establishes the fiscal stabilization reserve fund; and provides that the budget shall include a current services budget projecting the cost of continuing levels of activities and programs authorized for the current state fiscal year as well as provisions of law scheduled to take effect through the conclusion of the ensuing state fiscal year.
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