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S01406 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation which are necessary to implement the budgets for the 2003-2004 state fiscal year; allows the division of correctional industries to purchase inmate made goods, wares, and merchandise from correctional industry programs; authorizes the commissioner of motor vehicles to set the fee for license plates; expands the allowable purposes for which unappropriated state lands may be transferred to municipalities; increases the fee paid by nuclear power generator plant operators in support of state and local radiological emergency preparedness requirements; raises certain fines for vehicle and traffic law violations; relates to fees for sex offender registration and DNA data bank; relates to criminal history surcharges; relates to staffing of correctional facilities; relates to criminal history checks; relates to assigned counsel, aggregate receipts from mandatory surcharges, and attorney registration fees; merges the public employment relations board and the state employment relations board; relates to parking surcharges; repeals provision relating to suspension for failure to answer an appearance ticket; amends chapter 166 of the laws of 1991, in relation to the return of a portion of mandatory surcharges; mandates surcharges under the vehicle and traffic law; relates to the collection of fees by county clerks; increases civil court fees; relates to surcharges for driving while intoxicated and driving while ability impaired; payments to Westchester county for policing special parkways; eliminates powers of the state liquor authority; relates to victim assistance fees and mandatory surcharges; relates to termination of a sentence; relates to the admissibility as evidence before a grand jury of a sworn statement by a police officer; relates to compensation and benefits paid by insolvent self-insured employers; relates to brokered dealer statement fees and real estate syndication offering fees; makes checks or drafts issued by the state of New York subject to the abandoned property law; relates to motor vehicle law enforcement fees; relates to the prevention of automobile theft and insurance fraud; amends chapter 57 of the laws of 2000 effectiveness; extends chapter 411 of the laws of 1999; relates to the registration fees charged to certain lobbyists; relates to transcripts of parole board release interviews and revocation hearings; expands the authority of a political subdivision or district to purchase materials or contract for services; removes requirement that moneys in certain reserve funds be kept in separate accounts; allows acceptance of sealed bids in electronic format; provides for payment of taxes via the internet; allows posting of information and notices upon a website maintained by a county, town or village; relates to assessed value; provides for study and a dissolution report; provides for payment of general purpose local government aid for the fiscal year; authorizes expedited deployment funding for enhanced wireless 911 service; creates the Niagara Falls casino-community accommodation and improvement commission; appropriates monies for transportation projects; authorizes the state's five-year transportation plan; extends the effectiveness of chapter 3 of the laws of 2002; authorizes an increased voluntary contribution by the NY power authority; funds the Cornell University theory center; relates to contracts with neighborhood and rural preservation companies; establishes the NY telecommunications relay service center; increases fees of certain food establishments; relates to the assessment and reimbursement of state expenditures; "I love NY waterways"; authorizes the urban development corporations to issue bonds; amends the effectiveness of chapter 393 of the laws of 1994; provides for utilization of utility assessment funds; relates to mined lands reclamation fees; provides for the transfer of moneys from NY state energy research and development authority; provides utilization and assessment funds; relates to oil, gas and solution mining fees; expenditures from the environmental protection fund; increases certain environmental fees; increases certain motor vehicle transaction fees; enacts the waste tire management and recycling act of 2003; amends chapter 621 of the laws of 1998, effectiveness; relates to pesticide applicator certifications; provides aid for education, for the sale of bonds at public sale, obligations issued by the dormitory authority, grants for schools, Fort Drum schools, bilingual education, pre-kindergarten programs and tuition assistance; provides fee for recording real property; extends chapter 540 of the laws of 1992; establishes NY occupational safety and health hazard abatement board; transfers council to office of children and family services; requires cost sharing by school districts for maintenance costs; increases quality of children and family services programs; establishes child care pilot programs; relates to grants to day care workers; effectiveness of chapter 416 of the laws of 2000; increases standards of monthly need for certain persons; directs the loaning of money, payments, transfers and deposits; provides for housing program bonds and notes; amends chapter 389 of the laws of 1997; amends chapter 81 of the laws of 2002; creates the interest assessment surcharge; contributions to the interest assessment surcharge fund; provides for variable rate bonds, interest rate exchange and limitations on the issuance of state-supported debt; relates to notes and bonds of environmental facilities; amends chapter 170 of the laws of 1994; provides for mental health support services; amends chapter 119 of the laws of 1997; transfers funds to the community projects fund; amends chapter 359 of the laws of 2002, chapter 429 of the laws of 2002, chapter 538 of the laws of 2002, chapter 562 of the laws of 2001, chapter 618 of the laws of 2002; increases fees charged for vital records; provides funds for patient health information; coverage for EPIC; expands Medicaid; amends chapter 1 of 2002, 474 of the laws of 1996, 81 of the laws of 1995, 433 of the laws of 1997, 639 of the laws of 1996, 483 of the laws of 1978, 649 of the laws of 1996, 710 of the laws of 1988, 165 of the laws of 1991, 904 of the laws of 1984, 535 of the laws of 1983, 19 of the laws of 1998, 639 of the laws of 1996, and various other chapters in relation to grants, financing, cost and effectiveness thereof; further implements language qualifying appropriations made by a chapter of the laws of 2003 enacting the public protection and general government budget, the transportation, economic development and environmental conservation budget, the education, labor and family assistance budget, and the health and mental health budget; repeals various provisions of law.
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