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A03007 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state health and mental health budget for the 2017-2018 state fiscal year; relates to controlling drug costs; relates to the drug utilization review board; relates to Medicaid reimbursement of covered outpatient drugs; authorizes the suspension of a provider's Medicaid enrollment for inappropriate prescribing of opioids; relates to reducing Medicaid coverage and increasing copayments for non-prescription drugs to aligning pharmacy copayment requirements with federal regulations, and to adjusting consumer price index penalties for generic drugs (Part D); relates to fiscal intermediary certification under the consumer directed personal assistance program, reserved bed days and establishing a prospective per diem adjustment for certain nursing homes (Part E); relates to extending the Medicaid global cap (Part G); extends provisions of the New York Health Care Reform Act of 1996; relates to the distribution of pool allocations and graduate medical education innovations pool; extends provisions of chapter 600 of the laws of 1986 relating to the development of pilot reimbursement programs for ambulatory care services; extends provisions of chapter 520 of the laws of 1978 relating to providing for a comprehensive survey of health care financing, education and illness prevention and creating councils for the conduct thereof; relates to rates of payments for personal care services workers; relates to the comprehensive diagnostic and treatment centers indigent care program; extends provisions of chapter 62 of the laws of 2003, relating to the deposit of certain funds; amends chapter 266 of the laws of 1986, amending the civil practice law and rules and other laws relating to malpractice and professional misconduct, relating to apportioning premium for certain policies; amends part J of chapter 63 of the laws of 2001 amending chapter 266 of the laws of 1986, amending the civil practice law and rules and other laws relating to malpractice and professional misconduct, relates to extending certain provisions concerning the hospital excess liability pool; relates to the health care initiatives pool distributions; and relates to tobacco control and insurance initiatives pool distributions (Part H); extends certain provisions of law relating to health care (Part I); relates to emerging contaminant monitoring including certain physical, chemical, microbiological or radiological substances (Part M); relates to general hospital reimbursement for annual rates relating to the cap on local Medicaid expenditures, in relation to extending government rates for behavioral services and adding an alternative payment methodology; increasing Medicaid equivalent fees through ambulatory patient group methodology and adding an alternative payment methodology requirement (Part P); relates to providing funding to increase salaries and related fringe benefits to direct care workers, direct support professionals and clinical workers employed by not-for-profits funded by the office for people with developmental disabilities, the office of mental health and the office of alcoholism and substance abuse services (Part Q); relates to the drinking water quality council (Part R); relates to health homes and managed care programs; relates to pasteurized donor human milk and ovulation enhancing drugs; relates to home care worker wage parity; authorizes the commissioner of health to sell accounts receivables balances owed to the state by Medicaid providers to financial institutions (Part S); relates to the implementation of the "clean water infrastructure act of 2017" (Part T).
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