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A09507 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state health and mental hygiene budget for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; relates to distributions from the general hospital indigent care pool; directs a review of the feasibility of creating a burn center in Kings county; and relates to rates of reimbursement for certain residential health care facilities (Part A); relates to payments to residential health care facilities; relates to assisted living program providers licensed in the state; relates to limitations on licensed home care service agency contracts and registration of licensed home care services agencies; relates to advertising by fiscal intermediaries; and relates to medicaid reimbursement rates for hospice providers (Part B); relates to health homes and penalties for managed care providers (Part C); relates to drug coverage, updating the professional dispensing fee, copayments, and amends the Medicaid drug cap (Part D); requires a report on monies collected under the false claims act detailing what monies were collected and how such monies were spent (Part J); relates to home care services, direct care costs, and medicaid expenditures; and extends the medicaid global cap (Part K); relates to extending provisions relating to coverage for malpractice and professional medical conduct (Part M); establishes a cost of living adjustment for designated human services and provides for the repeal of certain provisions of law relating thereto (Part N); relates to the health care facility transformation program (Part Q); relates to integrated services (Subpart B); relates to telehealth services (Subpart C) (Part S); relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to authorizing the commissioner of health to apply federally established consumer price index penalties for generic drugs, and authorizing the commissioner of health to impose penalties on managed care plans for reporting late or incorrect encounter data; relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to adjustments of rates; relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to authorizing reimbursements for expenditures made by or on behalf of social services districts for medical assistance for needy persons and administration thereof; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to expanding medical assistance eligibility and the scope of services available to certain persons with disabilities; relates to rate of payments; relates to agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers; relates to amending the social services law and other laws relating to supplemental rebates; and relates to participation and membership in a demonstration period (Part T); clarifies the authority of the commissioners in the department of mental hygiene to design and implement time-limited demonstration programs; extender (Part U); relates to the membership of subcommittees for mental health of community service boards and the duties of such subcommittees and creating the community mental health and workforce reinvestment account relating to extending such provisions relating thereto (Part V); relates to the receipt of federal and state benefits received by individuals receiving care in facilities operated by an office of the department of mental hygiene; extender (Part X); relates to persons practicing in certain licensed programs or services who are exempt from practice requirements of professionals licensed by the department of education (Part Y); adds demonstration waivers to waivers allowable for home and community-based services; relates to waivers for high quality integrated care (Part Z); establishes a cost of living adjustment for designated human services programs; extender (Part AA); expands the list of controlled substances (Part BB); relates to inquiries or complaints of professional misconduct (Part CC); relates to authorizing a licensed pharmacist to administer influenza vaccine to children between two and eighteen years of age pursuant to a non-patient specific regimen; extends certain provisions of law relating thereto; provides reporting requirements for vaccines administered by pharmacists to individuals less than 19 years of age (Part DD); relates to insurance payments for independent practitioner services for individuals with developmental disabilities (Part EE); relates to establishing the office of the independent substance use disorder and mental health ombudsman for the purpose of assisting individuals with a substance use disorder and/or mental illness (Part FF); creates a certified peer recovery advocate services program (Part GG); ensures that sexual assault survivors are not billed for sexual assault forensic exams and are notified orally and in writing of the option to decline to provide private health insurance information and have the office of victim services reimburse the hospital for the exam; also provides that if such exam is covered by insurance, such coverage shall not be subject to annual deductibles or coinsurance; requires collection and storage of such evidence; relates to state-operated individualized residential alternatives; and relates to the closure or transfer of a state-operated individualized residential alternative (Part II); establishes a training program for first responders for handling emergency situations involving individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities (Part JJ); requires bids submitted to the state or any agency or department of the state to contain a certification concerning sexual harassment (Subpart A); prohibits mandatory arbitration clauses (Subpart B); relates to reimbursement of funds paid by state agencies, state entities and public entities for the payment of awards adjudicated in sexual harassment claims (Subpart C); relates to nondisclosure agreements (Subpart D); establishes a model policy regarding the prevention of sexual harassment and a model training program to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace (Subpart E); relates to sexual harassment relating to non-employees (Subpart F) (Part KK); authorizes a voluntary public water system consolidation study (Part LL); relates to pharmacy audits by pharmacy benefit managers; relates to contracts between pharmacy benefit managers and pharmacies; relates to outpatient treatment; relates to establishing the children and recovering mothers program and a workgroup to study and evaluate barriers and challenges in identifying and treating expectant mothers, newborns and new parents with a substance use disorder; relates to screening students for lead when enrolling in child care, pre-school or kindergarten; relates to the lead service line replacement grant program; directs the New York state department of health to conduct a study of the high burden of asthma in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan in the city of New York; and relates to providing coverage for pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) (Part MM); and enacts the opioid stewardship act; repealer (Part NN).
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