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A08639 Summary:

COSPNSRD'Urso, Epstein, Jacobson, Thiele, Barron, Ortiz, Simon, Seawright, Lentol, Dinowitz, Jaffee, Benedetto, Sayegh, Reyes, Arroyo, Glick, Perry, Mosley, Abinanti, Cruz, Paulin, Englebright, Solages, Rosenthal L, Gunther, Aubry, Galef, Steck, Niou, Weprin, Taylor, Simotas, Buchwald, Jean-Pierre
Desig Art 28 §§2800 - 2827 to be Title 1, add Title 2 §§2830 - 2833, amd §§206, 2803 & 2807-k, rpld §2807-k sub 14, Pub Health L; amd §5004, CPLR; amd §603, Fin Serv L
Relates to medical billing and debt (Part A); relates to defining certain terms (Part B); relates to standardized consolidated itemized general hospital bills (Part C); relates to regulation of the billing of facility fees (Part D); relates to standardized patient financial liability forms (Part E); relates to an all payer database (Part F); relates to the general hospital indigent care pool; and repeals certain provisions of such law relating thereto (Part G); relates to the rate of interest in medical debt actions (Part H); relates to services rendered by a non-participating provider; relates to hospital statements of rights and responsibilities of patients (Part I).
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