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S01505 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2019-2020 state fiscal year; relates to the protection of the personal privacy of public employees (Part E); extends the authorization for public arbitration panels (Part F); creates a class one reassessment exemption in a special assessing unit that is not a city (Part J); extends certain provisions related to opportunities for service-disabled veteran-owned business enterprises (Part L); extends certain provisions relating to expanding the geographic area of employment of certain police officers, prisoner furloughs in certain cases and the crime of absconding therefrom, inmate work release, certain appropriations made by chapter 50 of the laws of 1994 enacting the state operations budget, the incarceration fee, merging the department of correctional services and division of parole into the department of corrections and community supervision, prison and jail housing and alternatives to detention and incarceration programs, the ignition interlock device program, the use of closed-circuit television and other protective measures for certain child witnesses, electronic court appearance in certain counties, enacting the interstate compact for adult offender supervision, limiting the closing of certain correctional facilities, providing for the custody by the department of correctional services of inmates serving definite sentences, providing for custody of federal prisoners and requiring the closing of certain correctional facilities, military funds of the organized militia, providing for community treatment facilities and establishing the crime of absconding from the community treatment facility, pre-criminal proceeding settlements in the city of New York, the psychological testing of correctional candidates, and other provisions relating thereto (Part O); relates to the admissibility of a victim's sexual conduct in a sex offense (Part R); extends the workers' compensation board's authority to resolve medical bill disputes and simplify the process (Part CC); increases certain court fees and increases the amount of such fees which are deposited in the indigent legal services fund (Part DD); authorizes the alienation of certain parklands in the town of Hastings, county of Oswego (Part FF); authorizes the use of centralized services by public authorities and public benefit corporations to acquire energy products as a centralized service from the office of general services; extends certain provisions relating to authorizing the aggregate purchases of energy for state agencies, institutions, local governments, public authorities and public benefit corporations; and amends the effectiveness of certain provisions providing centralized service to political subdivisions and the authority of the commissioner of general services to aggregate purchases of energy for state agencies and political subdivisions (Part GG); increases the maximum contract amount during construction emergencies to $1,500,000 and extends provisions relating to value limitations on contracts to June 30, 2022 (Part HH); removes unnecessary barriers to reentry of people with criminal histories into society; relates to licensing consideration for check cashers (Subpart A); relates to eligibility for serving on a New York city community district education council and city wide council (Subpart B); relates to licensing consideration for bingo suppliers (Subpart C); relates to licensing consideration for notary publics (Subpart D); relates to licensing considerations for suppliers of games of chance, for games of chance licensees, for bingo licensees, and for lessors of premises to bingo licensees (Subpart E); relates to licensing considerations for insurer adjusters and for employment with insurance adjusters (Subpart F); relates to licensing considerations for real estate brokers or real estate salesmen (Subpart G); relates to participation as employer in subsidized employer programs (Subpart H); relates to eligibility for employment by a driver's school (Subpart I); relates to a certificate of relief from a disability and repeals certain provisions of the vehicle and traffic law, relating to mandatory suspension of drivers' licenses for certain offenses (Subpart J); prohibits disclosure of law enforcement booking information and photographs (Subpart K); relates to exclusion of undisposed cases from criminal history record searches (Subpart L); directs the commissioner of the division of criminal justice services to seal certain records of any action or proceeding terminated in favor of the accused or convictions for certain traffic violations; and relates to certain reports of criminal history record searches (Subpart M); prevents employment discrimination against persons whose criminal charges have been adjourned in contemplation of dismissal (Subpart N); prevents employment discrimination against persons whose criminal charges have been adjourned in contemplation of dismissal (Subpart O)(Part II); relates to shock incarceration (Part KK); reduces certain sentences of imprisonment for misdemeanors to three hundred sixty-four days (Part OO); restricts forfeiture actions and creates greater accountability for seized assets; creates an asset forfeiture escrow fund; relates to reporting certain demographic information (Part PP); relates to requiring reports on the use of force (Part RR); authorizes the Suffolk county clerk to charge a block fee (Part SS); relates to the closure of correctional facilities; and provides for the repeal of such provisions upon expiration thereof (Part TT); makes provisions permanent relating to notice of foreclosure and mandatory settlement conferences in residential foreclosure actions (Part VV); includes felony drug offender sentences as eligible for a reduced sentence in certain circumstances where such offender was a victim of domestic violence (Part WW); authorizes computer generated registration lists; relates to the list of supplies to be delivered to poll sites (Part XX); relates to time allowed for employees to vote (Part YY); requires the establishment and regular updating of a model law enforcement use of force policy suitable for adoption by any agency that employs police or peace officers (Part ZZ); prohibits certain loans to be made to candidates or political committees (Part AAA); provides uniform polling hours during primary elections (Part BBB); establishes the voter enfranchisement modernization act (Part CCC).
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