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S06615 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Relates to the reporting of performance metrics by the MTA of all services provided by New York city transit authority subways and Long Island rail road and Metro-North commuter railroad trains (Part A); relates to the description of the central business district (Part B); relates to the MTA's reorganization plan (Part C); relates to removing caps on automated enforcement cameras for bus lanes; bus lane photo devices (Part D); relates to the membership of the metropolitan transportation authority; one member may be the director of the division of budget (Part E); relates to switching from the STAR tax exemption to the STAR tax credit (Part G); establishes the empire state entertainment diversity job training development fund (Subpart A); and modifies the definition of a qualified film production facility (Subpart B)(Part H); exempts from tax a portion of global intangible low-taxed income (Part I); modifies the definition of vendor and marketplace provider and increases the cumulative total of a person's gross receipts from sales of property delivered in the state from three hundred thousand to one million dollars (Part J); relates to issuance of bonds and notes; relates to capital grants (Part K); extends the award dates for authorized amounts to be awarded pursuant to applications submitted in response to the request for application number 17648 to September 1, 2019 (Part L); relates to the definition of an authorized entity that may utilize design-build contracts (Part M); makes technical corrections to the "Jose Peralta New York state DREAM act" (Part N); relates to mass transit access for LaGuardia airport (Part O); limits the rate of interest on any judgment or accrued claim against the authority arising out of condemnation proceedings to six percent (Part P); relates to making certain technical corrections to chapter 36 of the laws of 2019 relating to rent control (Part Q); relates to the operational expenses of certain gaming facilities (Part R); relates to video lottery gaming in Orange county (Part S); and increases the number of supreme court judges and county court judges in certain jurisdictions (Part T).
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