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S07505 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2020-2021 state fiscal year; relates to extending the effectiveness of certain provisions of law relating to various criminal justice and public safety programs (Part A); establishes the criminal justice discovery compensation fund (Part E); relates to the closure of correctional facilities (Part F); relates to moving adolescent offenders to the office of children and family services (Part G); relates to suspending the transfer of monies into the emergency services revolving loan fund from the public safety communications account (Part I); establishesg the safe homes and families act (Part M); relates to firearm licenses, requires a list of offenses in states and territories of the United States other than New York that include all of the essential elements of a serious offense be maintained and updated annually (Part N); relates to determining whether certain misdemeanor crimes are serious offenses under the penal law (Part Q); enacts the "Josef Neumann Hate Crimes Domestic Terrorism Act" which makes it a crime for a person to commit a domestic act of terrorism motivated by hate (Part R); relates to continuing to protect and strengthen unions (Part W); relates to defining the term technology for purposes of state purchasing requirements (Part Y); relates to statewide financial system procurements for joint appointing authority for the state financial system project (Part Z); relates to leases of premises in the county of Albany, and elsewhere as required, for providing space for departments, commissions, boards and officers of the state government (Part AA); relates to the sale of alcoholic beverages in certain international airports (Part FF); relates to conducting full manual recounts on ballots (Part JJ); relates to AIM-related sales tax payments in the counties of Nassau and Erie (Part NN); includes acts of domestic violence in the criteria the court shall consider in determining the equitable disposition of property during divorce proceedings (Part PP); relates to ensuring pay equity at state and local public authorities (Part QQ); relates to disclosure requirements for certain nonprofits (Part UU); relates to the powers of the members of the commission on legislative, judicial and executive compensation (Part WW); relates to rights of sexual offense victims; provides that sexual offense victims shall be informed that a rape crisis or victim assistance organization is available to provide victims with transportation from a medical facility (Subpart A); provides guidelines to determine regulatory fines for small businesses and amends the effective date for S. 5815-C and A. 7540-B to be repealed two years after the effective date (Subpart B); relates to specifying the use for which certain state lands are to be transferred to the city of New Rochelle (Subpart C); relates to exempting income earned by persons under the age of 24 from certain workforce development programs from the determination of need for public assistance programs (Subpart D); permits special districts to adopt local laws providing for an exemption for improvements to residential real proeprty for the purpose of facilitating accessibility of such property to a physcially disabed owner (Subpart E); relates to adding components sold with instructions to combine such components to create combustion or detonation to the definition of "explosives" (Subpart F); qualifies the amount of rental surcharge persons or families shall pay in company projects (Subpart G); relates to renaming certain subway stations (Subpart H); provides for the continuity of the Roosevelt Island operating corporation (Subpart I); establishes a sexual discrimination training program within the state office for the aging (Subpart J); details policies or contracts which are not included in the definition of student accident and health insurance (Subpart K); relates to notice of indicated reports of child maltreatment and changes of placement in child protective and voluntary foster care placement and review proceedings (Subpart L); provides access to students on information pertaining to voter education (Subpart M); relates to canvass of ballots cast by certain voters (Subpart N); relates to the licensing of persons engaged in the design, construction, inspection, maintenance, alteration, and repair of elevators and other automated people moving devices; qualifies fund availability from the elevator and related conveyances safety program account; specifies what is not included in the definition of elevator work; sets forth qualifications and exemptions for licensing as an elevator agency technician; repeals certain sections of the labor law and the administrative code of the city of New York and changes the effective date for the licensing requirements of persons engaged in design, construction, inspection, maintenance, alteration and repair of elevators to two years after the act takes effect (Subpart O); relates to proof of eligibility for volunteer firefighter enhanced cancer disability benefits (Subpart P); relates to "lease-end" charges (Subpart Q); enacts the New York call center jobs act (Subpart R); provides for payment assistance and other information for HIV post-exposure prophylaxis and other health care services for sexual assault victims (Subpart S); relates to authorizing retail licenses to purchase beer with a business payment card (Subpart T); relates to the senior wellness in nutrition fund (Subpart U); relates to the definition of a research tobacco product (Subpart V); authorizes retail licensees to purchase beer with a business payment card (Subpart W); relates to a television writers' and directors' fees and salaries credit (Subpart X); relates to the payment of wages to workers (Subpart Y); relates to reverse mortgage loans (Subpart Z); relates to the regulation of toxic chemicals in children's products (Subpart AA); relates to the electronic open auction public bond sale pilot program (Subpart BB); relates to allowing the commissioner of transportation to impound or immobilize stretch limousines in certain situations (Subpart CC)(Part XX); relates to the Nassau county interim finance authority (Part YY); relates to repealing certain provisions requiring voter approval for the issuance of bonds or bonds and capital notes in an amount in excess of ten million dollars to finance any capital improvement in Westchester county (Part ZZ); relates to permitting employees at least two hours paid time off for voting (Part AAA).
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