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A09005 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2022-2023 state fiscal year; repeals the supervision fee paid by individuals who are in a supervised release program (Part D); authorizes the department of corrections and community supervision access to certain records (Part E); requires members of the state parole board to devote their full time to the duties of their office and hold no other salaried public position (Part F); suspends the transfer of monies into the New York state emergency services revolving loan fund from the public safety communications account for the state fiscal years 2022--2023 and 2023--2024 (Part G); increases the reimbursement awarded for certain items of essential personal property (Part I); extends certain provisions relating to value limitations on certain emergency contracts (Part J); allows a municipality or community board to elect to receive notice by email (Part K); makes certain provisions regarding liquidator's permits and temporary retail permits permanent (Part M); provides for the boundaries of election districts and the designation of polling places on college campuses (Part O); permits retail licensees for on-premises consumption of alcohol to sell and deliver alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption (Part P); expands eligibility for shift pay differentials (Part U); provides for aid and incentives provided to towns and villages (Part X); relates to the financing of a certain litigation liability by the city of Long Beach (Part CC); relates to the operation of other businesses on a licensed farm manufacturing premises (Part DD); allows for the sale of liquor and/or wine for off-premises consumption on Christmas day (Part EE); authorizes the issuance of on-premises licenses and permits to certain veterans' organizations with a police officer serving as an officer of such organization (Part FF); creates a 21 member temporary state commission to examine reforms to the alcoholic beverage control law in order to modernize the alcohol industry in New York state (Part GG); provides paid postage for absentee ballots, if requested (Part HH); extends provisions related to the operation and administration of the legislature (Part II); establishes a legislative commission on the future of the Long Island Power Authority (Part JJ); authorizes fees and charges for emergency medical services; provides for the repeal of certain provisions upon expiration thereof (Part KK); enacts the Nassau county transparency and accountability act of 2022 requiring the Nassau county interim finance authority to conduct audits of certain entities in Nassau county and to investigate possible violations of the public authorities law (Part LL).
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