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S02505 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2021-2022 state fiscal year; relates to various criminal justice and public safety programs (Part A); relates to the administration of certain grant funds to and by the office for the prevention of domestic violence (Part B); provides for compliance with executive order two hundred three (Part L); relates to the closure of correctional facilities (Part M); extends the authorization of the recruitment incentive and retention program for certain active members of the New York army national guard, New York air national guard, and New York naval militia (Part P); enacts the "New York Medical Supplies Act" (Part BB); relates to bonds, notes, and revenues (Part RR); relates to the procurement process and procurement contracts (Part SS); provides for compensation, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment of members of the agency police services unit; implements an agreement or interest arbitration award between the state and the employee organization representing the members of the agency police services unit; makes an appropriation for the purpose of effectuating certain provisions thereof (Part VV); authorizes an exemption for class one capital improvements to residential buildings and certain new construction in a special assessing unit that is not a city (Part WW); relates to funding of local government entities by the urban development corporation, and to the effectiveness of such provisions related to certain local governments (Part XX); extends the authorization of provisions regarding procurements by the New York city transit authority and metropolitan transportation authority (Part YY); establishes a deer hunting pilot program (Part ZZ); authorizes the grant of certain easements to Alle-Catt Wind Energy LLC on a proportion of real property within the Farmersville State Forest, Swift Hill State Forest, and Lost Nation State Forest (Part AAA); makes technical amendments related to the office of renewable energy siting; establishes the farmland protection working group (Part BBB); relates to infrastructure projects relating to clean vehicle projects (Part CCC); relates to the clean energy resources development and incentives program (Part DDD).
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