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S08006 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state education, labor, housing and family assistance budget for the 2022-2023 state fiscal year; relates to school contracts for excellence; relates to foundation aid; provides for maintenance of equity aid; requires every local educational agency receiving funding from the elementary and secondary school emergency relief fund allocated by the American rescue plan act of 2021 to post on its website a plan by school year of how such funds will be expended; provides for building aid regarding the New York state energy research and development authority P-12 schools clean green schools initiative; relates to transportation contract penalties; modifies the length of school sessions; relates to academic enhancement aid; relates to supplemental public excess cost aid; relates to high tax aid; extends the statewide universal full-day pre-kindergarten program; relates to universal prekindergarten expansions; relates to the lunch meal state subsidy; relates to certain provisions related to the 1994-95 state operations, aid to localities, capital projects and debt service budgets; relates to conditional appointment of school district, charter school or BOCES employees; relates to the provision of supplemental educational services, attendance at a safe public school and the suspension of pupils who bring a firearm to or possess a firearm at a school; relates to the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; extends authorization of the Roosevelt union free school district to finance deficits by the issuance of serial bonds; relates to contracts for the transportation of school children; provides for school bus driver training grants; provides for special apportionment for salary expenses; provides for special apportionment for public pension accruals; permits the city school district of the city of Rochester to make certain purchases from the board of cooperative educational services of the supervisory district serving its geographic region and extends such provisions; extends certain provisions relating to state aid to school districts and the appropriation of funds for the support of government; provides for set-asides from the state funds which certain districts are receiving from the total foundation aid; provides for support of public libraries (Part A); relates to implementing zero-emission school buses in school districts (Subpart A); creates a zero-emission bus roadmap to identify actions needed to meet fleet sales and conversion targets (Subpart B) (Part B); relates to state appropriations for reimbursement of tuition credits (Part D); expands the part-time tuition assistance program awards to include certain workforce credential programs (Part E); relates to eligibility and conditions for tuition assistance program awards (Part F); sets tuition rates charged by institutions for recipients of an excelsior scholarship (Part G); includes certain apprenticeships as eligible for the New York state college choice tuition savings program (Part H); relates to eligibility for child care assistance (Part L); extends the effectiveness of provisions relating to restructuring financing for residential school placements (Part M); extends certain funding for children and family services (Part N); provides that reimbursement for costs of social services districts for care provided to foster children in institutions, group residences, group homes, and agency operated boarding homes shall not be diminished (Part O); increases funding for the costs of maintenance and operation of certain local veterans' service agencies (Part R); increases the standards of monthly need for aged, blind and disabled persons (Part S); extends the authorization of the commissioner of social services with regards to the appointment of a temporary operator (Part T); relates to timeframes for determinations and adjustment criteria for public benefits recipients (Part U); utilizes reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for various housing purposes (Part Z); relates to providing language translation services (Part GG); waives approval and income limitations on retirees employed in a school district or a board of cooperative educational services (Part HH); extends the initial effectiveness of certain provisions relating to weekly employment insurance benefits for workers who are partially unemployed (Part JJ); directs the office of temporary disability assistance to conduct a public outreach program informing the public about the availability of existing and new utility assistance programs (Part KK); relates to the savings plan demonstration project in the city of New York; extends the effectiveness of certain provisions of law relating to such project (Part LL); relates to mortgage repayment liens for public assistance beneficiaries (Part MM); requires the state university of New York and the city university of New York to report on the hiring of faculty pursuant to any state funding appropriated for such purposes (Part NN); removes the existing two million dollar limit on the total annual cost of the Senator Patricia K. McGee nursing faculty scholarship program; removes the limit on the number of awards that may be given for the New York state young farmers loan forgiveness incentive program (Part OO); establishes the veterans' services law and the department of veterans' services; replaces all instances of the term "division of veterans services" with the term "department of veterans' services"; makes related conforming technical changes; repeals provisions relating to veterans' services and certain awards and medals (Part PP); creates a commission on ethics and lobbying in government (Part QQ); relates to gaming facility determinations and licensing (Part RR); enacts reforms related to public service performed during the COVID-19 pandemic; provides for the rate of member contributions between April 1, 2022 and April 1, 2024 (Part SS); relates to providing for reforms to Tier 5 and Tier 6 of the retirement system regarding vesting and eligibility for service retirement benefits (Part TT); relates to criminal justice reform; reduces the number of firearms sold as an element of criminal sale in the first and second degrees; provides that possession of three of more firearms is presumptive evidence of intent to sell (Subpart A); relates to appearance tickets issued to certain persons (Subpart B); relates to certain information the court must consider and take into account for securing an order (Subpart C); relates to certificates of compliance within the discovery process and remedies for failure to comply with a discovery order (Subpart D); relates to the statute of limitations and jurisdiction for juvenile delinquency proceedings; provides for community based treatment referrals (Subpart E); relates to release for mental health assessment and evaluation and involuntary commitment pending release (Subpart F); relates to certain reports for pre-trial release and detention; requires such reports to contain information relating to whether the people requested that the court fix bail, the amount and form of bail requested by the people, the court's ruling on such request, the form of bail set by the court and the court's stated reason for such ruling (Subpart G); extends Kendra's law; relates to assisted outpatient treatment orders (Subpart H) (Part UU); enacts the private activity bond allocation act of 2022 (Part VV); permits videoconferencing and remote participation in public meetings under certain circumstances (Part WW); relates to the minimum wage of home care aides (Part XX); confirms the intention of the legislature that certain provisions related to the Bills stadium are public and governmental purposes of the county of Erie for which real property tax exemption shall be allowed; provides a prohibition on relocation (Part YY); provides for health care and mental health care workers bonuses (Part ZZ); expands Medicaid eligibility for seniors and disabled individuals; expands Medicaid savings program eligibility (Part AAA); permits the commissioner of health to submit a waiver that expands eligibility for New York's basic health program and increases the federal poverty limit cap for basic health program eligibility from two hundred to two hundred fifty percent; allows pregnant individuals to be eligible for the basic health program and maintain coverage in the basic health program for one year post pregnancy and to deem a child born to an individual covered under the basic health program to be eligible for medical assistance; relates to cost-sharing obligations for certain services and supports; provides for the repeal of certain provisions upon the expiration thereof (Part BBB); includes expanded pre-natal and post-partum care as standard coverage when recommended by a physician or other health care practitioner (Part CCC); relates to the Child Health Plus Program and the Child Health Plus rate setting authority (Part DDD); extends provisions of law relating to discovery compensation; relates to monies allocated to the chief administrator of the courts and the division of criminal justice services for the purpose of completing certain reports (Part EEE); provides for the administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2022-2023 budget, authorizing certain payments and transfers (Part FFF).
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