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A08805 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2024-2025 state fiscal year; establishes the crime of assault on a retail worker (Part A); establishes the crime of fostering the sale of stolen goods as a class A misdemeanor (Part B); adds to the list of specified offenses that constitutes a hate crime (Part C); authorizes the governor to close correctional facilities upon notice to the legislature (Part D); suspends the transfer of monies into the emergency services revolving loan fund from the public safety communications account for the 2024-2025 and 2025-2026 state fiscal years (Part E); enacts the New York State Judicial Security Act to increase the safety and security of judges and their immediate families; permits eligible individuals to request that the chief administrator of the court order entities to cease making certain personal information public; establishes the offenses of aggravated harassment of a judge (Part F); relates to enforcement of certain provisions of the cannabis law by the office of cannabis management and localities (Part G); relates to notifying municipalities of the filing of certain applications and that proof of notification must be provided at the time of application; authorizes the issuance of temporary permits for the sale of beer, wine, cider, mead and/or braggot, and liquor at outdoor or indoor gatherings, functions or events (Part H); relates to establishing a temporary wholesale permit (part I); extends provisions of law relating to the powers of the state liquor authority (Part J); extends provisions relating to liquidator's permits and temporary retail permits (Part K); provides for paid prenatal personal leave (Part M); provides that nonjudicial officers and employees of the unified court system hired after July 1, 2025, and employees of the assembly, the senate, joint legislative employees of the assembly and the senate and certain employees of the executive branch hired after July 1, 2025, shall not be subject to the withholding of five days salary on their first five payment dates (Part Q); relates to county-wide shared services; provides for the administration of certain monies by the secretary of state; relates to unexpended fund balances incurred for the incorporation if a village is not incorporated (Part U); provides for reforms to the local government efficiency grant program (Part W); extends provisions authorizing retail licensees for on-premises consumption to sell and deliver alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption (Part Y); includes harassment of certain employees of a transit agency or authority to assault in the second degree (Part Z); maintains actions against certain adolescent offenders accused of certain sexual offenses in criminal court (Part AA); relates to the distribution of surplus realized by a tax district upon the sale of tax-foreclosed property and creating a homeowner bill of rights (Part BB); relates to alcohol in certain motion picture theatres; provides for the repeal of such provisions upon the expiration thereof (Part CC); deems the objects or purposes for which certain bonds were issued by the city of Buffalo as being for a police training center and shooting range located at 379 Paderewski Drive; authorizes the expenditure of the proceeds from such bonds for such objects or purposes (Part DD); establishes twenty-five year retirement programs for members of the New York city employees' retirement system employed as fire protection inspectors and associate fire protection inspectors (Part EE); allows the value of goods or merchandise stolen pursuant to a common scheme or plan to be determined in the aggregate for the purpose of grand larceny offenses; exempts grand larceny offenses from the definition of persistent felony offender (Part FF); extends the retiree earnings limitation waiver for school employees by one year, until June 30, 2025 (Part GG); adds a heart bill performance of duty disability provision for SUNY police officers who are members of the NYS Local Police and Fire Retirement System (Part HH); relates to the pensionable earnings of first grade police officers of the New York city police department (Part II); modifies the calculation of past service credit for police officers employed by the division of law enforcement in the department of environmental protection in the city of New York transferring between the New York city employees' retirement system to the New York state and local police and fire retirement system (Part JJ); extends provisions setting certain member contribution rates until April 1, 2026 (Part KK).
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