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A08806 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, Generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state education, labor, housing and family assistance budget for the 2024-2025 state fiscal year; relates to requirements under contracts for excellence; relates to calculation of foundation aid; relates to allowable transportation expenses; directs a foundation aid formula study by the Nelson A. Rockefeller institute; relates to transportation aid under the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022; establishes the New York state zero-emission bus resource center; relates to requirements under academic enhancement aid; relates to high tax aid; relates to universal prekindergarten and the Statewide universal full-day pre-kindergarten program; directs a study on consolidation of prekindergarten funding; relates to implementation of the smart schools bond act of 2014; relates to special apportionments and grants-in-aid to school districts; extends the teachers of tomorrow teacher recruitment and retention program; relates to maximum class sizes for special classes for certain students with disabilities; extends chapter 82 of the laws of 1995; extends funding a program for work force education conducted by the consortium for worker education in New York city; relates to the financing of charter schools; relates to funding for employment preparation education programs; extends the date for the submission of recommendations of a comprehensive study of alternative tuition rate-setting methodologies for approved providers operating school-age and preschool programs receiving state funding; extends certain provisions relating to the 1994-95 budgets; extends certain provisions relating to census reporting; provides for special apportionment for salary expenses; relates to a state subsidy for free and reduced school lunches; provides for special apportionment for public pension accruals; authorizes the Roosevelt union free school district to finance deficits by the issuance of serial bonds salary expenses; provides for set-asides from the state funds which certain districts are receiving from the total foundation aid; provides for support of public libraries; repeals certain provisions relating to phase-in foundation increase and foundation aid (Part A); directs the commissioner of education to establish evidence-based reading instructional best practices for students attending prekindergarten through grade three (Part B); directs the commissioner of education to require school districts to obtain documentation that the student or the parent or guardian of such student complete and submit the free application for federal student aid for such student or complete a waiver form promulgated by the department of education; requires school districts issue annual reports on students completing the FAFSA and the waiver (Part C); relates to the eligibility for restricted aid to independent colleges and universities (Part D); extends provisions of the NY-SUNY 2020 challenge grant program (Part F); extends certain provisions relating to restructuring financing for residential school placements (Part G); increases the amounts of monthly need for aged, blind and disabled persons living in the community (Part H); grants thirty minutes paid break time for an employee to express breast milk (Part J); provides for the expiration and repeal of certain provisions relating to sick leave and employee benefit requirements pursuant to a mandatory or precautionary order of quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19, on July 31, 2025 (Part M); utilizes reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for the neighborhood preservation program, the rural preservation program, the rural rental assistance program, and the New York state supportive housing program (Part N); relates to the crime of deed theft; authorizes the attorney general to prosecute crimes involving deed theft; relates to the partition of heirs property; relates to allowing transfer on death deeds (Part O); authorizes a city of one million or more to remove the cap on the floor area ratio of certain dwellings, in accordance with local zoning laws, ordinances or resolutions (Part Q); relates to the exemption from real property taxation of certain multiple dwellings in a city having a population of one million or more; defines terms; provides that a new eligible multiple dwelling, except a hotel, shall receive a benefit of being exempt from real property taxation (Part R); establishes a program to address the legalization of specified basement and cellar dwelling units; relates to the conversion of other specified basement and cellar dwelling units in a city with a population of one million or more (Part S); defines eligible multiple dwelling under the affordable New York housing program; includes a multiple dwelling or homeownership project containing six or more dwelling units created through new construction or eligible conversion which complies with certain affordability options, and which the commencement date is after December 31, 2015 and on or before June 15, 2022, and for which the completion date is on or before June 15, 2031 in such definition (Part T); establishes the affordable neighborhoods for New Yorkers tax incentive to provide a real property tax exemption for certain rental and homeownership projects (Part U); requires the state fire prevention and building code council to conduct a study on standards for egress and to amend the New York state uniform fire prevention and building code if necessary (Part V); permits tuition assistance program awards to be made to part-time students enrolled in certain degree granting institutions chartered or authorized by the New York state board of regents (Part W); increases the income eligibility threshold for the tuition assistance program (Part X); establishes differential payment rates for child care services to be no less than ten but no greater than fifteen percent higher than the actual cost of care (Part Y); extends provisions of weekly unemployment insurance benefits for workers who are partially unemployed; authorizes the commissioner of labor to extend the implementation of an information technology system (Part Z); relates to owner liability for failure of an operator to stop for a school bus displaying a red visual signal and stop-arm; extends provisions of chapter 145 of the laws of 2019, relating to such provisions, from December 1, 2024 until December 1, 2029 (Part AA); prohibits discrimination by insurers issuing property and liability insurance covering affordable housing based upon certain factors including the income of owners or tenants and the receipt rental assistance by tenants (Part BB); requires the use of project labor agreements for large scale construction projects under the state university construction fund (Part CC); enacts the city of Dunkirk fiscal recovery act; authorizes the issuance of deficit bonds and notes not to exceed eighteen million five hundred thousand dollars for the purpose of liquidating actual deficits in its general fund, water fund, and the capital projects fund of such city; requires review of city budgets and financial reports by the state comptroller; repeals provisions after 15 years (Part DD); establishes an optional local tax exemption for affordable multi-family housing and an optional local tax exemption for newly converted or constructed fully income restricted rental multiple dwellings (Part EE); increases the amount recoverable by an owner for certain individual apartment improvements (Part FF); includes an accessory dwelling unit in the term housing accommodations in the human rights law; provides a tax exemption on the increase in value of property resulting from the addition of an accessory dwelling unit (Part GG); enacts the good cause eviction law; allows for villages, towns or cities other than the city of New York to opt-in by local law (Part HH); establishes when a landlord-tenant relationship exists, for such purposes a tenant shall not include a squatter who is a person who enters onto real property or enters a building with the intent of squatting therein, and resides without title, right or permission of the owner or owner's agent or a person entitled to possession (Part II); directs the department of housing preservation and development to develop a program to conduct annual audits of compliance with rent registration, affordability, and rent stabilization requirements under the affordable New York housing program (Part JJ); establishes New York housing for the future homeownership program and the New York housing for the future rental housing program (Part KK); creates uniform standards for processing data requests; creates a duty to send data and information to statewide databases, regarding public data maintained by county and city boards of elections (Part LL); permits the use of contiguous and non-contiguous municipal public space by certain licensees (Part MM); clarifies certain provisions of the stretch limousine passenger safety act (Part NN); establishes speed limits in cities with populations in excess of one million people by easing restrictions so cities can establish speed limits below twenty miles per hour (Part OO); enacts the reproductive freedom and equity grant program to ensure access to abortion care in the state by providing funding to abortion providers and non-profit organizations whose primary function is to facilitate access to abortion care (Part PP); relates to the computation of the final average salary in pension benefit calculations (Part QQ); reduces the rate of tax applicable to certain authorized combative sports under article 19 of the tax law from eight and one-half percent to three percent (Part RR); authorizes SUNY trustees to lease the historic windmill on the Stonybrook campus to the town of Southampton for the purpose of rehabilitating and restoring such windmill; provides that such lease shall be executed within five years of the effective date of this act (Part SS); relates to bonds issued by the New York city transitional finance authority (Part TT); relates to fare enforcement by the metropolitan transportation authority (Part UU); directs the office of children and family services to conduct a study to evaluate the feasibility of providing after school programming to every school-aged child in New York (Part VV); relates to obstructed or obscured license plates, the penalty imposed upon the operator of a vehicle with an intentionally altered or obscured license plate while on a toll highway, bridge or tunnel or in a tolled central business district; authorizes law enforcement to confiscate any such license plate covering; authorizes vehicle registration suspension for failure to comply with the removal of materials or substances altering or obscuring a license plate; authorizes public authorities with bridges, tunnels or highways under their jurisdiction to enter judgments for unpaid liabilities for a violation of toll collection regulations and enforce such judgments without court proceedings (Subpart A); relates to the payment of tolls under the tolls by mail program (Subpart B) (Part WW); provides for the administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2024-2025 budget, authorizing certain payments and transfers; extends certain provisions of law; authorizes the issuance of certain bonds and notes; includes assets that provide a long-term interest in land in the definition of fixed assets; simplifies provisions regarding bond issuance charges; provides for the redemption price of certain revenue bonds; provides for the issuance of personal income tax revenue anticipation notes; provides for the issuance of bonds or notes for the purpose of assisting the metropolitan transportation authority in the financing of transportation facilities (Part XX); extends provisions related to the operation and administration of the legislature (Part YY); relates to school governance in the city of New York; extends provisions of law related to mayoral control in the city of New York; makes related provisions (Part ZZ); enacts the "newspaper and broadcast media jobs program"; establishes a newspaper and broadcast media jobs tax credit to provide financial support and incentives for businesses which operate as newspaper and broadcast media (Part AAA); provides for the payment of a supplemental empire state child credit (Part BBB).
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