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S04005 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state public protection and general government budget for the 2023-2024 state fiscal year; relates to the psychological testing of candidates; relates to expanding the geographic area of employment of certain police officers; relates to prisoner furloughs in certain cases and the crime of absconding therefrom; relates to correctional facilities; relates to inmate work release, furlough and leave; relates to certain provisions which impact upon expenditure of certain appropriations made by chapter 50 of the laws of 1994 enacting the state operations budget; relates to taxes, surcharges, fees and funding; relates to prison and jail housing and alternatives to detention and incarceration programs; relates to taxes; extends the expiration of the mandatory surcharge and victim assistance fee; relates to the ignition interlock device program; extends the expiration date of the merit provisions; relates to prisoner litigation reform and extending the expiration of the inmate filing fee provisions of the civil practice law and rules and general filing fee provision and inmate property claims exhaustion requirement of the court of claims act of such chapter; constitutes the family protection and domestic violence intervention act of 1994; relates to extending the expiration of certain provisions requiring the arrest of certain persons engaged in family violence; relates to the use of closed-circuit television and other protective measures for certain child witnesses; extends provisions enacting the sentencing reform act of 1995; relates to electronic court appearance in certain counties; relates to enacting the interstate compact for adult offender supervision; relates to limiting the closing of certain correctional facilities; provides for the custody by the department of correctional services of inmates serving definite sentences; provides for custody of federal prisoners; requires the closing of certain correctional facilities; relates to military funds of the organized militia; relates to providing for community treatment facilities and establishing the crime of absconding from the community treatment facility; relates to the pre-criminal proceeding settlements in the City of New York (Part A); relates to criminal possession of a firearm, rifle or shotgun in a sensitive or restricted location; exempts certain law enforcement and military officers from certain vehicle gun storage requirements (Part F); relates to establishing a hazard mitigation revolving loan fund (Part G); authorizes the payment of a training stipend to volunteer firefighters by a volunteer fire company and the office of fire prevention and control (Part H); expands eligibility for World Trade Center death and disability benefits for members of New York's organized militia (Part J); extends certain provisions relating to liquidator's permits and temporary retail permits (Part O); extends provisions of law relating to the state commission on the restoration of the capitol until April 1, 2028 (Part Q); relates to the submission of electronic bids for state procurement purposes (Part R); provides that the civil service department may only establish continuing eligible lists for any class of positions filled through open competitive examination (Part S); relates to employment of certain persons with disabilities (Part T); extends effectiveness of a waiver approval and income limitations on retirees employed in school districts and board of cooperative educational services (Part V); allows participating employers of the New York state and local retirement system to withdraw from the contribution stabilization program (Part W); moves the special accidental death benefit appropriation from the department of audit and control to the general fund's miscellaneous all state department and agencies; adds such benefits paid by counties (Part Y); relates to the duration of initial terms to be served by the first class of the commission on ethics and lobbying in government (Part Z); extends certain provisions relating to sales tax exemptions and real property taxes (Part AA); repeals provisions relating to county-wide shared services panels (Part BB); extends certain provisions relating to the operation and administration of the legislature (Part DD); waives state civil service exam fees between 7/1/2023 and 12/31/2025 (Part EE); provides Suffolk county certain fees generated from certain offenses and violations for the services of the Suffolk county traffic and parking violations agency (Part FF); provides for certain death benefits to correction officers, correction officer-sergeants, correction officer-captains, assistant wardens, associate wardens or wardens employed by Westchester county (Part GG); authorizes police and fire members of the New York city fire department pension fund to obtain credit for any period of service rendered as an EMT member immediately proceeding a period of service in the uniformed force of the fire department (Part HH); provides certain death benefits to county fire marshals, supervising fire marshals, fire marshals, assistant fire marshals, assistant chief fire marshals, chief fire marshals and division supervising fire marshals employed by Nassau county (Part II); allows certain members of the New York city police pension fund to borrow from contributions (Part JJ); relates to retirement eligibility for deputy sheriffs-civil in the county of Monroe (Part KK); relates to the effect and rebuttal of certain medical presumptions relating to heart disease; provides that, for certain members, any condition of impairment of health caused by a disease of the heart, resulting in disability, shall be presumptive evidence that such disability was incurred in the performance and discharge of duty and the natural and proximate result of an accident (Part LL); relates to the transfer and disposal of certain personal property of former members of the senate and assembly (Part MM); relates to reports by the director of the office of counterterrorism; requires the chief information security officer of the state office of information technology services to participate in meetings and supplement the report (Part NN); enacts the "unmarked burial site protection act"; requires the cessation of all ground disturbing activities upon the discovery of a burial ground, human remains or funerary objects; requires the reporting of such discovery to the local coroner; provides that if such remains are more than 50 years old, the state archaeologist shall be notified; requires state archaeologist to determine whether the remains are of Native American origin; provides that the lineal descendants or culturally affiliated group of such remains shall be notified and be given possession thereof; establishes the Native American burial site review committee to provide for notice and disposition of Native American remains; establishes criminal penalties for the violation of such provisions relating to the disturbance or failure to report the discovery of any such site, remains or objects; grants the attorney general and aggrieved parties a civil right of action for the violations of such provisions (Part OO).
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