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S04008 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state transportation, economic development and environmental conservation budget for the 2023-2024 state fiscal year; extends provisions of law relating to certain tax increment financing provisions; relates to contracts entered into by the metropolitan commuter transportation district; extends certain metropolitan transportation authority procurement provisions; relates to contracts for procurement for the New York city transit authority (Part C); relates to funding for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority 2020-2024 capital program and paratransit operating expenses (Part D); extends provisions related to the resolution of labor disputes (Part G); extends certain provisions relating to motor vehicles equipped with autonomous vehicle technology (Part J); changes retention percentage of certain motor vehicle related fees collected by county clerks (Part M); increases the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax rate for certain employers and individuals (Part Q); provides for the disposition of money from certain gaming activity (Part R); extends provisions of the New York state health insurance continuation assistance demonstration project (Part U); provides for the ability to exempt individuals with disabilities from certain in person meeting participation requirements (Part X); requires the dormitory authority to submit an annual report on the pilot program for the procurement of goods or services from, or for the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or improvement of facilities by small businesses and minority-owned and women-owned business enterprises, that shall include a description of such procurement; extends the effectiveness of certain provisions relating thereto (Part BB); establishes a matching grant program for certain small businesses receiving funding under the federal small business innovation research program or the small business technology transfer program (Part DD); provides for a Battery Park city authority bond cap increase (Part EE); increases amounts of the linked loans in the excelsior linked deposit program (Part FF); extends the authority of the New York state urban development corporation act to make loans (Part GG); extends the authority of the New York state urban development corporation to administer the empire state economic development fund (Part JJ); extends the authority of the dormitory authority to enter into certain design and construction management agreements (Part LL); provides for an increase in fees collected from residents and non-residents registering snowmobiles (Part MM); relates to purchase contracts for New York State grown, harvested, or produced food and food products (Part OO); extends provisions of the youth deer hunting program (Part RR); relates to pesticide registration timetables and fees (Part SS); enacts the "Suffolk county water quality restoration act" (Part TT); provides a period of probable usefulness of 30 years for lead service line replacement programs as a capital asset (Part UU); authorizes utility and cable television assessments that provide funds to the department of health from cable television assessment revenues and to the department of agriculture and markets, department of environmental conservation, department of state, and the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation from utility assessment revenues (Part VV); provides for expenditures of moneys by the New York state energy research and development authority (Part ZZ); provides that the commissioner of motor vehicles may issue or renew any certificate of registration issued to a franchisor, manufacturer, distributor, distributor branch or factory branch, or to any subsidiary, affiliate or controlled entity thereof, provided that such certificate shall be issued exclusively for the sale of buses where the purchaser is a public transportation provider (Part BBB); relates to requirements of the transportation authority regarding publishing information on its capital program dashboard website for projects related to accessibility or resiliency, and to requirements of the metropolitan transportation authority regarding publishing certain financial reports on its website (Part CCC); establishes the New York youth jobs connector program to connect unemployed and underemployed individuals between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four with targeted educational, occupational, and training services; and requiring reporting from the office of strategic workforce development (Part DDD); relates to the waterfront commission of New York harbor (Part EEE); recommissions a statewide disparity study regarding the participation of minority and women-owned business enterprises in state contracts (Part FFF); establishes a small business and entrepreneurs grant program (Part GGG); expands eligibility to the site preparation credit component of the brownfield redevelopment tax credit (Part HHH); directs the state inspector general to appoint an independent monitor for the Orange county industrial development agency (Part III).
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