Simotas’s Bill to Protect Residential Gas and Electric Customers Passes Assembly

Legislation ensuring residential public utilities rights heads to Senate
January 23, 2014

Albany, N.Y. – On Wednesday, legislation introduced by Assemblymember Aravella Simotas to protect gas and electric utility consumers passed the New York State Assembly. Simotas’s bill ensures a customer’s right to an actual meter reading upon discontinuation of service and mandates that utilities companies are transparent and forthcoming about this right when doing business.

“We have a right to be charged only for the services we actually use,” Simotas said. “Consumers should not have to spend hours on the phone to challenge estimated bills. It should be the duty of responsible public utilities to see to it that this common-sense standard of service is upheld.”

Under current law, customers may be charged based on estimated usage, which can result in customer overcharges that fail to be corrected or refunded.

“In recent months, both residents and business owners alike have reached out to my office requesting action, and this bill will go a long way towards addressing this recurring problem,” Simotas said. “Hardworking New Yorkers shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of excess charges based on speculation.”