Press Releases

Fighting for Us and Our Community - Spring 2012

Assemblyman William Colton helped make our lives a bit easier

Assemblyman Colton’s “Clean Sweep” Campaign Continues With Local Youth Groups During Earth Day Weekend

Tax relief targeted to you

Assemblyman William Colton Announces an 8.875% Sales Tax Break on Clothing and Shoes in NYC

Assemblyman Colton Votes to Expand Protections for Domestic Abuse Victims

Assemblyman Colton Votes to Cut Taxes for Middle Class Families: First Cut in 54 Years!

Assemblyman Colton Introduces Bill to End Muni-Meter Shell Game

Assemblyman Colton Supports NYPD Commissioner Kelly's Commitment to Tolerance and Continued Leadership

Assemblyman Colton Sends Hydraulic Fracturing Comments to the Department of Environmental Conservation

Assemblyman Colton Backs Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage

Assemblyman William Colton Slashes the MTA Payroll Tax

Assemblyman William Colton - Fighting for Us and Our Community - Winter 2011

Fighting for Us and Our Community

State Budget Saves Senior Centers

Bi-Partisan Letter Urging the U.S. Congress to Protect State's Rights and Jobs

Assemblyman William Colton Fighting for Us and Our Community

Brooklyn Assemblyman William Colton Demands New York’s Tax Officials Recoup Over $1.22 Billion in Delinquent Taxes from Former Wall Street Giant Lehman Brothers Holding, Inc. on the Eve of One of the Largest Bankruptcy Settlements in History

Tax Scofflaws Beware – New York State Set to Launch of Website of Shame for NY's Top Tax Dodgers

Comments Regarding the dSGEIS for Natural Gas Drilling in New York State’s Southern Tier