Press Releases

New Law Would Create a New York State Web Site of Shame for Tax Delinquents

Drop the Building Department's Before More Buildings Drop!

Assemblyman Colton Declares: “Super Cleanup Urgently Needed in Gravesend Bay, Brooklyn”

Assemblyman Colton Says: “Waste Station Doesn’t Fit in Bensonhurst”

Assemblyman Colton Announces Broad Support for Legislation Establishing Producer Responsibility for Electronic Equipment Recycling

Assemblyman Colton: “Ban Harmful Plastic Grocery Bags in New York State”

Assemblyman Colton Warns DOS Brochure…Not Junk Mail But Call to Arms!

Assemblyman Colton Supports and Lauds Bill

Assemblyman Colton Calls for Neighborhood Input

Assemblyman Colton Celebrates Purim at Shore Parkway Jewish Center

Assemblyman Colton Investigating Rumors of Boody’s Principal Being Booted

VISTA Release Increases the Need for E-Waste Recycling

Town Hall Meeting Protests Waste Transfer Station

Assemblyman Colton Discusses His Experiences in Israel!

Assemblyman Colton Demands Test of the Bottom of the Gravesend Bay

Assemblyman Colton’s Anti-Swastika Bill Becomes Law

Assemblyman Colton Charges: City Cheats Motorists on Sundays

Assemblyman Colton Applauds Assembly Override of Governor's Veto

Assemblyman Colton to Mobilize Parents in Effort to Teach Governor Story of Scrooge

Assemblyman Colton: Help for HEAP $$$ for Heating Bill Assistance