Hikind Demands Russian Bookstores Throughout the City Remove Anti-Semitic Russian Books

Dozens of viciously anti-Semitic titles line shelves – “These books revive the age-old horrific blood libel that Jews murder Christian children for their blood. They laud the infamous forgery ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’.”
July 18, 2006

In letters to Russian booksellers, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is calling on the proprietors of MOSFilm at 421 Brighton Beach Avenue, St. Petersburg at 230 Brighton Beach Avenue, RBC at 209 Brighton Beach Avenue, and their other locations throughout the city in Queens and in Brooklyn, to remove anti-Semitic titles from their shelves.

An investigation into literary titles available in the Russian-Jewish enclave of Brighton Beach and other communities conducted by Hikind’s office exposes a best-seller list of anti-Semitic literature. Assemblyman Hikind; Councilman Michael Nelson (D-Brooklyn); Mark Davidovich, District Leader in the 46th Assembly District which includes Brighton Beach; and community leaders, including Rabbi Moshe Weiner of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island; will demand that these titles be removed from bookstore shelves because it’s “irresponsible and dangerous to sell them.” One of the books for sale entitled The Jewish Question in Russia includes the most racist quotes against Jews, culled from Russian history, and features the unauthorized photo of a respected leader from Borough Park, Rabbi Shlomo Braun, who is taking legal action against the author and publisher.

“Titles such as: What We Don’t Like About Them, Why America is Dying, The Myths and Truths of Jewish Pogroms, The Secret of Lawlessness – Judaism and Messianism Against Christian Civilizations, Jewish Society Coup, Conspiracy to Kill the Czar, Gregory Rasputin and the Children of the Devil – Judaia Messianic Crimes Against Russians, etc., whose authors are a listing of the who’s who in anti-Semitic Russian publishing, are prominently displayed,” said Hikind. “Oleg Platonov has several titles for sale in Russian bookstores throughout Brooklyn. Platonov is in league with the notorious Holocaust denier David Irving. And Vasilli Shulgin, whose original manuscript was published in 1929, is a renowned anti-Semite whose work is being reprinted and sold on these shelves. ”

Platonov has made a career of denying the Holocaust and celebrating the Nazi ideal. In his books, he asserts, “Jews do everything in their power to undermine Orthodox Russia and destroy the Russian church.” In Gregory Rasputin and the Children of the Devil -Judaia Messianic Crimes Against Russians, Platonov accuses Jews of murdering Rasputin and of ritually killing the last Russian Czar and his family. Chapter 1 is entitled: Trampling of Jesus and Trampling of Faith – Anti-God deeds by the Jewish Talmudist. Why America is Dying declares that at the very base of American psychology lies the Talmudic principles of greed, with the right to rob and kill all others to acquire land and possessions.

Councilman Nelson said, "Our most basic American right of Freedom of Expression cannot be manipulated and abused so as to place any members of our community in harm's way. Highly inflammatory and blatantly false ant-Semitic speech and books which have long been completely discredited can only serve to undermine our democracy. I am proud to join Assemblyman Hikind in calling on all bookstores to immediately remove these titles from their shelves."

“This is an affront to the entire Jewish community. Brighton Beach is a vibrant Jewish community, where residents should not be assaulted by titles which are primers for the anti-Semite,” Hikind said. “The hatred Platonov preaches condones the worst kind of prejudice and leads to violence. These books must be removed from shelves immediately.”