Assemblyman Buchwald Secures Funding for New Parking in Armonk

August 10, 2017

Thriving downtown Armonk businesses need more parking, and that’s what a $250,000 grant obtained by Assemblyman David Buchwald will help pay for. Wednesday the Town Board of North Castle formally accepted the $250,000 state grant that will be used to develop a new parking area next to the Hergenhan Recreation Center, which is used by seniors, youth and non-profit organizations, among others.

The project will develop 71 parking spaces extending from behind the Hergenhan Center on Maple Avenue and will run adjacent to the back of the Armonk Shopping Center, where a CVS and other stores are located. Popular shopping and dining establishments on Main Street and at nearby Armonk Square will also be helped by the newly available parking. Construction bids for the work are due in early September, with the town board scheduled to award the contract on or about September 13.

“It’s a good sign that residents from around the area are shopping, dining and doing business in Armonk,” said Assemblyman Buchwald (D-Westchester). “This grant to build more parking will support economic growth for people and businesses in Armonk and North Castle.”

“We thank Assemblyman David Buchwald for his efforts in securing a $250,000 grant for our new parking lot behind the Hergenhan Recreation Center,” said North Castle Town Supervisor Michael Schiliro. “This is an important component of our continued revitalization of downtown Armonk and North Castle.”

Town of North Castle Deputy Supervisor Stephen A. D’Angelo said, “I would like to thank Assemblyman Buchwald for all his help with this grant. It will enable the Hergenhan Center to provide additional parking to all our residents that use the Center on a daily basis.”

“The Town of North Castle is most fortunate to have David Buchwald as our New York State Assemblyman,” said Town Board Member Barbara DiGiacinto. “No matter the issue, minor or major, Assemblyman Buchwald has always responded to our call for assistance. The $250,000 grant for the expansion of municipal parking behind the Hergenhan Recreation Center is the result of David's tireless efforts to respond to the needs of his constituents.”

“One of the most vital roles of government is the construction and maintenance of infrastructure,” said Armonk Chamber of Commerce Vice President Christopher Carthy. “The receipt of a $250,000 grant that Assemblyman David Buchwald obtained will go a long way toward supporting the business community in central Armonk. If people cannot park, then they will not come. We all know that local business maintains the vitality of a community and the expanded parking will help fulfill the mission of the Armonk Chamber of Commerce.”