Butler: Assembly Majority Failed To Deliver Transparency At End Of Session

Statement from Assemblyman Marc W. Butler (R,C,I,Ref-Newport)
June 21, 2017

“Words and work ethic matter, and when the governor dismissed the work of the legislature as being done soon after completing the budget, it became apparent that tone had an effect on the rest of the legislature. The speaker shared similar sentiments of the governor, and we spent the remainder of our days doing very little of significant substance for the people.

“We should have been addressing a glaring problem in our state by placing reforms and restrictions on the governor’s economic development programs, where billions of dollars go unchecked with little accountability. These programs became a safe haven for bid-rigging and scandal, causing an important job-creating opportunity to fall through at SUNY Polytechnic, and left a negative impact on the district I represent. Creating transparency in a broken system was not a priority of the majority.

“We could have passed more ethics reforms, such as term limits for legislative leaders and committee chairs, ensuring that power would not be concentrated among a few. I called on reforms to our business climate, so small businesses could do better in our state. I called on the passage of Brittany’s Law to strengthen public safety. Yet, none of these things matter to the powers that be. The governor and the speaker said we were done months ago.

“The true irony is that what was left to do, the authorization of a number of local bills, ended up being held hostage for a deal that has yet to be brokered between the governor and the legislative leaders over mayoral control of schools in New York City. If we do return, I urge the legislature that we make the most of that time and accomplish far more, including some of the major points we’ve been making all year about transparency and good governance.”