Apply for a STAR Exemption by following these instructions:

Basic STAR

  1. Submit Basic STAR exemption form to your local assessor. By signing the form, you are attesting that your income for the tax year was below $500,000.

Enhanced STAR (age 65 and over)

  1. Submit Enhanced STAR exemption form to your assessor.

  2. Demonstrate that you meet the income requirement annually in one of two ways:

    • Apply annually with your assessor - Complete your STAR application and send it to your assessor with a copy of your income tax return(s) for the appropriate income tax year; or
    • Authorize our department to verify your income eligibility - Submit the form to verify your income eligibility to provide your assessor with your social security number(s) and authorize us to verify your income eligibility. If you choose this option, generally you will only have to submit Form RP-425, Form RP-425-IVP, and a copy of your tax return(s) to the assessor in the first year.

If you mail your application to the assessor, you may:

  • send it registered mail/return receipt requested
  • include a note requesting a receipt and a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

If you hand-deliver it, you also may request a receipt. In either case, retain a copy of your application for your records.