Assemblyman Cymbrowitz Calls for Investigation into ‘Floating Orgy’ in Sheepshead Bay

April 10, 2018

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn) is calling for an investigation in the wake of a published article about a “floating orgy” held on a party boat in Sheepshead Bay.

According to an article posted online earlier this month in the British publication The Independent, one of Sheepshead Bay’s party boats recently served as the venue of an event called Chemistry, which bills itself as “New York’s private, bi-monthly sex party.”

The article notes that these parties are held at various locations in New York City and this particular event took place on a “private yacht” that cruised around Sheepshead Bay.

The lawmaker wrote to Mayor de Blasio and the State Liquor Authority today asking them to investigate.

“In addition to the obvious objection – that it is unacceptable to have floating orgies associated with our residential, family-oriented community – an event of this nature prompts questions of excessive alcohol use in addition to the possibility of illegal drugs,” wrote Assemblyman Cymbrowitz, who has represented the shorefront area for 18 years.

Assemblyman Cymbrowitz has been leading the effort to control the quality-of-life issues associated with the party boats, such as excessive noise and crowds, passengers urinating on residents’ lawns, traffic congestion and occasional fights.

“Floating sex parties are compatible neither with Sheepshead Bay’s family-friendly character nor with the positive changes that we are working to implement with regard to the party boats,” Assemblyman Cymbrowitz said.

“I ask that you investigate this matter further and, at the same time, prohibit Sheepshead Bay’s party boats from hosting this type of event anytime in the future,” he said.