Garbarino Calling For Better Accountability In Governorís Budget Spending

Statement from Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I,Ref-Sayville) on governorís budget proposal
January 16, 2018

ďAfter hearing the governorís state budget proposal, itís important to reiterate that every dollar of the taxpayerís money must show a return on investment for the residents of the state. I am not convinced that every area where the governor would like to spend money and has in the past has been the best option for Long Islanders. Waste and ineffective programs plague state budgets every year and drain investment where we need it most. We donít need to spend hundreds of millions on advertising as the governor has, blindly hand over $1.6 billion to the grossly mismanaged MTA as the governor proposes, or earmark millions for any other pet project that does not take into account any measures of accountability or results. New York taxpayers deserve to know where every penny of theirs went and if it was worth it in the first place. If the governorís programs cannot meet these standards this kind of spending must be cut.Ē