Garbarino Approves Legislation To Help New Yorkers With Disabilities

May 29, 2019

Assemblyman Andrew Garbarino (R,C,I-Sayville) voted to approve several pieces of legislation aimed at giving more agency and accessibility to those with disabilities. The bills were voted on as part of Legislative Disability Day in the Capitol, which serves to celebrate those with disabilities and bring attention to their needs.

“When we have the opportunities to support those with disabilities, I will gladly stand with them and vote for legislation to help improve accessibility and their rights,” said Garbarino. “Today we voted to improve employment and home accessibility, along with many other facets of life. New York is an inclusive state and I am proud to help move our state further into that positive direction.”

Garbarino, who is the Ranking Minority members on the Committee on Insurance and is a member of the Committee on Health, voted for the following:

  • A.163 – Improves voting access by requiring candidate and contest information from a ballot to be published online at the Board of Elections ahead of an election;
  • A.7251 – Extends the requirement that college textbooks and materials be made available digitally into 2022;
  • A.1092 – Waives liability protections for the state should it violate the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related federal laws;
  • A.2493 – Creates a pilot program providing a tax credit to individuals to retrofit and modify dwelling places to accommodate those with mobility limitations and the aging;
  • A.7475 – Starts a small business tax credit to those who employ individuals with disabilities;
  • A.4737 – Establishes the Office of the Advocate for People with Disabilities; and
  • A.7492 – Ensures coverage from Medicaid for complex rehabilitation technology for patients with complex medical needs.