Assemblyman Santabarbara to National Grid: Rate Hike Proposal Unacceptable

April 28, 2017

National Grid recently announced that it is looking to raise rates, a move that will negatively impact families and businesses across Upstate New York. Residential electric customers could see their monthly bill increase by $11 – a 14 percent hike – and gas customers would see a monthly increase of $10.50 – a 15 percent increase. "The proposed hike would have a significant and possibly devastating impact for far too many families," said Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. "That’s about $260 more each year that households, already struggling to get by, would have to come up with."

In a letter to National Grid's President of New York Operations Kenneth Daly, Assemblyman Santabarbara calls the company's proposal "unacceptable" and urged its withdrawal. In a similar letter he is urging members of the Public Service Commission to consider the impact of utility rate increases and to reject the proposal."If National Grid's proposal is approved the average Upstate New York customer’s utility bill will increase by over $22.00 per month. That is simply unacceptable," said Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. "Many families have just now started to recover from the devastating effects of the economic recession that was experienced over the past eight years,” Santabarbara added. "As a member of the State Assembly’s Committee on Energy, I take very seriously the impacts of any rate increases on residents and their ability to afford their utility bill," Santabarbara added. "This rate increase will have a significant impact on families that have just gotten back on their feet."