Petition: Keep the Adirondack Railway Corridor intact from Utica to Lake Placid

The State of New York has released the Unit Management Plan for the Adirondack Scenic Railway Corridor. Under this plan, the rail line would only run from Utica to Tupper Lake. We, the undersigned are significantly concerned, because we believe the rail corridor needs to be opened up between Utica and Lake Placid, to fully realize its potential as a tourism attraction that could bring millions of dollars in economic activity to the Mohawk Valley and the Adirondacks.

We oppose ending the railroad line in Tupper Lake, an area that has many natural amenities, but which does not have the tourism facilities Lake Placid has. We also believe that if the tracks from Tupper Lake to Lake Placid are torn up to create recreational trails, the opportunity for a railroad corridor from Utica to Lake Placid may be gone forever.

We also support holding a public hearing on the plan in the Utica area. It is important that Mohawk Valley residents have a chance to discuss this important proposal; so far, Tupper Lake is the only location where a public hearing on the plan is being conducted.

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