Assemblyman Brindisi Announces He has Secured Funding for Oriskany Police, Fire Departments

$20,000 is funding response vehicle for the Oriskany Fire Department, and safety equipment for the village’s police department
February 26, 2018

Oriskany – Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced today he has secured $20,000 in state legislative grants for the Village of Oriskany’s Fire and Police Departments.

Brindisi announced he has secured a $10,000 grant for the Oriskany Fire Department to purchase a new emergency response all-terrain vehicle, and a $10,000 grant for the purchase of safety vests and Tasers for the Police Department.

“I’m pleased to have secured funding that will be put to good use keeping first responders and community members safe. The Oriskany Fire Department serves some remote areas, including its trail system, and the emergency response vehicle it has utilized to purchase this funding will improve its response to emergency situations. In today’s sometimes dangerous world, the police department will also be able to provide an extra layer of security for officers to use when responding to calls,” said Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica.

“Funds from Assemblyman Brindisi will allow the Oriskany Police Department to purchase equipment that will ensure the safety of its officers. It is being used to purchase bulletproof vests and Tasers. Without this grant funding, the department was not going to be able to provide this important gear for the dedicated professionals who keep our community safe,” said Oriskany Mayor Donald F. Rothdiener.

“The response vehicle purchased with this grant is capable of travelling off road and on snow. It is equipped with extra white lighting to illuminate incident scenes in remote areas that normal fire apparatus cannot access. It will be able to respond to snowmobile accidents and other emergencies on the village’s trail system, and it also contains firefighting equipment, and enough room to transport a patient. This vehicle is addressing a gap in emergency service coverage, but it also can be used for training, traffic control, and at major events in the community,” said Oriskany Fire Department Chief Jeff Burkhart.