I Would Like Cable Prices To Come Back Down To Earth

April 27, 2018

YES! I/we support Assemblyman Brindisiís call for the State Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate continued price increases for many of Spectrumís cable and Internet customers in the Mohawk Valley and other areas of New York.

I/we believe that it is time that Spectrum gets with the program, and realizes that many of its customers are tired of creeping price increases, reduced service quality, and less choice for the services they are paying for.

I/we agree with Assemblyman Brindisi that it is time for the PSC and the FTC to take a long, hard look into Spectrumís billing practices, and investigate possible price gouging that is costing its customers more and more money every year.

I/we support any efforts to bring relief to Spectrumís prices, as well as to examine whether customers are being charged for cable channels that are being blacked out due to stalled contract negotiations between Spectrum and individual TV stations or networks. In the same token, I/we would like to see more flexibility in being able to determine the channels customers pay for.

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