New York Penn Station to Resume Regular Schedules on Sept. 5

Infrastructure renewal work remains on schedule
August 24, 2017

New York – The Amtrak Infrastructure Renewal program at New York Penn Station continues to remain on schedule and as committed, regularly scheduled operations will resume Tuesday, Sept. 5.

“We thank customers for their patience while we renew the infrastructure at New York Penn Station. We also appreciate the collaboration and support of our commuter partners, NJ TRANSIT and the Long Island Rail Road,” said Amtrak co-CEO Wick Moorman. “Our engineering forces are making great progress and we look forward to resuming scheduled operations Sept. 5.”

To date, Amtrak engineering forces have completed nearly seven of the eight weeks of the summer infrastructure renewal work. This summer’s work focused on “A Interlocking,” the critical sorting mechanism routing incoming and outgoing trains that enter and exit Penn Station from the Hudson River tunnel and the Long Island Rail Road’s (LIRR) West Side Yard to the various station tracks and platforms. The work in A interlocking includes total track and switch replacement. This work will improve the reliability of train service through this area in Penn Station.

The resumption of regular schedules Tuesday, Sept. 5, includes all previously announced modified routes at New York Penn station as well as Empire Service trains, which will be returning to Penn Station for all arrivals and departures. Full Amtrak schedules are available for reservations at

Amtrak and commuter partners LIRR and NJT committed to modified schedules during the summer so that infrastructure renewal work that address aging infrastructure could be accelerated. Additional work will last through approximately June 2018, with most of it taking place on weekends, resulting in minimal impacts to service or disruptions to customers.

To learn more about the infrastructure renewal program, please visit the Amtrak Web site.