Assemblyman D’Urso Co-Sponsored Legislation to Overhaul Teacher Evaluations Passed by Assembly

May 4, 2018

Assemblyman D’Urso co-sponsored a bill (A.10475) which will eliminate the assessments and teacher evaluations created by the state that are used to determine a teacher’s or principal's performance. If signed into law, the type of evaluation system for the diverse needs of students will be decided by the school districts and its teachers.

Since 2015, all New York State teachers and principals were evaluated annually by the results of tests which were created by the state and taken by their students. Many parents did not want their children taking the standardized tests and felt that the teachers were teaching them just to be able to do well on these tests.

"I want all of our children to have the opportunity to receive a good education that will prepare them for them for the future. In New York we have a very diversity student population, the standardized tests that teachers are subject to does not fully take into account for all the types of students,” said Assemblyman D’Urso. "This bill would allow local districts to determine what is needed for their teaching standards.”

The Commissioner of Education would be required to publicize the regulations that provide alternative assessments for districts which choose not to use state tests. The selection and use of assessments would be subject to collective bargaining. This also eliminates the use of the state-provided growth model in a teacher or principal's evaluation. All teachers would be required to have a student learning objective (SLO) consistent with a goal-setting process determined or developed by the Commissioner.

Also eliminated would be the use of certain rules to determine a teacher’s or principal's overall rating and the requirement to include a student’s academic record from grades three through eight English Language Arts and math state assessment scores.