Press Releases

Farmworkers Fair Labor Act Will Cripple Agriculture Industry

Palumbo, Colleagues Urge Passage of Criminal Justice Amendments Protecting Communities from Cartel Operatives, Violent Criminals

Palumbo Weighs In On Passage of ‘Green Light Bill’

Palumbo to Host Operation Safe Child

Palumbo: Green Light Is a Dangerous Precedent

Palumbo Stands with Victims, Advocates for Passage of Ramona’s Law

Palumbo Joins Conference to Introduce Legislation Granting Volunteer Firefighter Tax Credit

Palumbo: Farmworkers Fair Labor Practices Will Have Devastating Effect on New York Ag Industry

Palumbo Weighs in On Assembly Majority’s Push to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

Palumbo Voices Opposition of Legislation Aimed at Paroling Certain 55 Year Old Inmates

Palumbo Joins Colleagues Asking Assembly Majority to Support Gold Star Families

Palumbo Announces Gold Star Families Education Funding Has Been Secured

Palumbo Asks Majority to Reconsider Bill Blocked In Committee Aimed At Helping Military Families

Palumbo Happy Budget Addresses Funding For Water Infrastructure, Restores Aim

Palumbo and Bonner Host Narcan Training Event

Palumbo Urges Funding In Final Budget for American Legion Program

Palumbo Frustrated With Assembly Majority Tax-And-Spend Culture

Palumbo Fighting For More CHIPS Funding For 2019-2020

Palumbo Lays Out Budget Priorities for 2019-2020

Palumbo Announces Italian-American Scholarships