News Articles

Simotas Criticizes Amazon’s Mistreatment of Workers – “”

Simotas Issues Statement on Amazon – “The National Herald”

Simotas Honors Summer Readers with Assembly Certificates – “Queens Gazette”

Simotas Celebrates Greek Homeowners Association 40-Year Tradition of Offering Free Thanksgiving Meal to the Community – “Queens Gazette”

Celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary of the NY Cretan Association – “Queens Gazette”

Simotas to Gaming Commission: Reject Purchase of Casino and Raceway – “Queens Gazette”

Simotas Urges Gaming Commission to Reject MGM Purchase of Empire Casino and Yonkers Raceway – “Queen Courier”

Simotas Says MGM Resorts International Not Fit to Purchase Casino and Raceway – “Journal News”

Simotas’ New Law Protects Residential Gas & Electric Customers from Overcharges – “The National Herald”

Utility Customers Gain New Legal Protections – “Queens Chronicle”

Simotas-sponsored New Law Protects Utility Customers from Overcharges – “Queens Gazette”

Queens Assemblywoman Kicks Off World Breastfeeding Week and Urges Support for Family Accommodation Bill – “Queens Courier”

Assemblymember Simotas and Up-Stand Co-Sponsor Latch-On Event – “The National Herald”

Why I Oppose the Proposed Gag Rule Tied to Health Clinic Funding – “Queens Gazette”

Simotas Co-Sponsors Historic First Drive-In Movie Night at Astoria Park – “Queens Gazette”

Queens Pols Rally for Guatemalan Woman Torn from Children – “Times Ledger”

Assembly Passes Simotas Legislation Increasing Protections for Sexual Assault Survivors – “The National Herald”

Assembly Passes Simotas Legislation-Sexual Assault Victims’ Bill of Rights – “U.S. News and World Report”

Simotas Honors 8th Graders for Black History Month Essays – “Queens Gazette”

Assembly Passes Simotas Bill to Guarantee Insurance Coverage for In-Vitro Fertilization – “Times Ledger”