Lifton’s Legislation for Town of Cortlandville Park Passes Assembly

June 19, 2014

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton (D/WF- 125th District) today announced the passage of her legislation in the Assembly authorizing the Town of Cortlandville to swap 6.1 acres of town parkland in order to acquire a much larger 101-acre parcel, currently owned by Gutchess Lumber.

“With this parkland swap, the Town of Cortlandville will receive a large parcel of land to be developed into a premier recreational destination for the community, in exchange for the 6.1 acres currently operating as a town park,” Lifton said.

“The existing facilities, including the ballfield, at the current park will continue to be used until similar amenities can be developed at the new location. The vastly-expanded park will provide numerous additional recreational opportunities, including a new trail system, and is a clear win for the community. I was very happy to be able to usher this important bill through the Assembly to support the goals of the town in providing much greater recreational activities for the Cortland community and beyond.” Lifton concluded.

The bill also passed the Senate this week and now goes to the Governor’s desk.