Assemblyman Jones Visits Local Volunteer Fire Departments

October 27, 2017

Assemblyman Billy Jones (D-Chateaugay) announced several stops on his Volunteer Firehouse Tour this week. On Thursday, Jones met with local volunteer firefighters and emergency service workers to show his gratitude for their work in the community.

“Our local firefighters and emergency service workers provide an invaluable service to us all, keeping us safe and looking out for our communities. These visits helped me to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for all that they do to protect us,” said Jones.

In the morning, Jones stopped at Cadyville Fire Department, where he spoke with several volunteers about the needs of the stations and their efforts at improving retention. After receiving a tour of the station, Jones put on fire gear and attempted to crawl across the floor to simulate potential movements of a firefighter in a burning building.

“Firefighters spend hours, sometimes even days in this equipment, and after being suited up for only a short period of time and moving around in the equipment, I certainly have a deeper appreciation for the work our firefighters do day in and out,” said Jones.”

In the afternoon, Jones visited District 3 Fire Department Station 2. Jones sat down with Chief Ewing, commissioners and other volunteers to discuss jurisdiction, grant opportunities and meeting rules set forth by the National Fire Protection Association. Chief Ewing also took Jones for a ride on the station’s new tower ladder that stretches to over 100 feet.

“During my last visit of the day at Morrisonville Fire Department, I got to see these brave men and women in full gear, ready to tackle emergencies and dangerous situations to take care of our families and neighborhoods,” said Jones. “It reaffirmed my appreciation for their sacrifices.”

Chuck Kostyk, chief of the Cadyville Fire Department, praised the Assemblyman for his commitment to supporting and investing in local fire departments.

“The volunteers really enjoyed themselves and their interactions with the assemblyman yesterday,” said Kostyk. “We were all amazed by his sincerity and desire to know more about the work that we do for our communities. It means the world to us that someone at the state level cares enough to stop by and ask how he can help make our department even stronger.”