Assemblyman Jones: Voters Made Their Voices Heard on Statewide Issues

November 9, 2017

“Across the state, over 3 million New Yorkers recognized the importance of this year’s ballot and voted on Election Day.1 They shaped New York’s future by denouncing corruption and avoiding an expensive constitutional convention – just by performing their civic duty. It is when we work together, from Albany to the far reaches of the state, that we can enact meaningful change.

“The public overwhelmingly voted to strip corrupt public officials of their taxpayer-funded pensions. Members of the Assembly fought hard in two consecutive legislative sessions to ensure that this amendment appeared before voters – in fact it was one of my first votes – and the public felt as strongly as we did that corruption has no place in government. It’s a critical step forward in rebuilding public trust. However, my work is far from over and I’ll keep fighting to bring transparency to Albany, as well as close the LLC loophole in order to keep big money out of our elections.

“Voters also approved the Adirondack Land Bank, a critical piece of legislation designed to reduce bureaucracy and minimize delays for Adirondack communities working on simple public utility projects. I worked across the aisle in the Assembly and with our partners in the state Senate to get this vital initiative on the ballot. North Country voters agreed that it was the right direction for the Adirondacks and it passed throughout the state.

“Lastly, voters gave a definitive ‘no’ to a constitutional convention, which will save the state millions of dollars and safeguard the rights that are guaranteed in our constitution. Voters should know they can still work with their elected representatives to enact change. My door is always open for my constituents to suggest ideas for legislation, especially as we gear up for a new session starting in January.”