Assemblyman Jones: Low Milk Prices are Hurting Dairy Farmers

February 28, 2018

“Even in the best of times, running a farm is an exhausting labor of love. Sadly, we’re far from the best of times for many local farmers. Milk prices are plummeting and threatening dairy farms across the North Country. As someone who grew up on and helped run my family’s dairy farm, it breaks my heart to know North Country families are struggling to make ends meet as milk prices continue to drop while feed bills and labor costs keep going up.

“We must pull out of this tailspin – our families and our economy are too important. That’s why I remain committed to working with my colleagues to restore agricultural funding to the budget and provide resources to bring relief for struggling farming families.

“We’re working hard here in New York State, but we need the federal administration to match our commitment to local dairy farms by stabilizing the markets to ensure these farms are sustainable for years to come. The fate of farmers in the North Country and across the country depends on it.”