Assemblyman Jones: Subcommittee Appointment Puts North Country at Ground Level of Budget Negotiations

March 15, 2019

“Being appointed to the General Government and Local Assistance Joint Budget Subcommittee lets me bring the North Country’s concerns to the table during this year’s state budget negotiations and ensures we’re heard loud and clear. I won’t allow our communities to be left behind or lost in the shuffle.

“With the proposal to close down three prisons this year, it’s especially critical for us to have a strong voice on the subcommittee. We’ve seen what losing correctional facilities can do. They’re vital parts of our region’s economy, and more closures will be yet another major blow to our families.

“Local governments also stand to take a hit with the proposed cut to Aid and Incentives to Municipalities (AIM), which I’m fighting hard against. As the former chair of the Franklin County Legislature, I know how hard it is for local governments to deal with strapped budgets. They rely on state aid to avoid raising property taxes on hardworking families, and cutting aid would mean forcing them to cut services or pass the burden on to taxpayers. Having a seat at the table to hash out these and other concerns is a key part of getting our communities their fair share, and I’ll work to make sure that happens.”