Oaks: Priorities Need To Be Addressed Before End Of Session

June 14, 2017

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R-C Macedon) called on the state Legislature to pass a series of legislative initiatives before the end of session, scheduled for June 21. The measures are not only pressing concerns for the people of the 130th Assembly District, but priorities for the state.

“Right now, a large portion of our state is affected by the flooding from Lake Ontario. This must be addressed before lawmakers leave Albany next week,” said Oaks. “We also must take action to reform economic development funding. There are simply too many scandals and not enough actual jobs being created. It is paramount that the state Legislature act to protect taxpayers’ money.”

Oaks has been leading the charge on these two issues, both publicly and working with his colleagues behind the scenes to bridge agreements.

Last month, Oaks helped the state enact legislation that would provide municipalities funding to combat Lake Ontario’s rising water levels, but he said more must be done to help property owners who are losing acreage and suffering significant damage to homes and businesses. With proposals from both houses on the table and a bipartisan willingness to help constituents, Oaks said he was optimistic that an agreement could be reached by the end of next week.

“Checks and balances are essential to a representative government. We cannot let one branch of government have sole discretion over large pools of money without accountability. My plan would prevent bid-rigging and misuse of public funds by having all of these allocation requests reviewed and vetted by the comptroller, attorney general and director of the Division of the Budget, to assure that no conflict of interest exists. I was the first to introduce comprehensive legislation to address this misuse of tax dollars. I am pleased that leaders from both houses have expressed a desire to address this important issue before session ends.”

Additionally, Oaks said he would like to see action by the state Assembly on legislation to protect the public from dangerous individuals with untreated mental health issues by extending Kendra’s Law and to reduce the growing rate of domestic violence upstate with Brittany’s Law. Both measures have been acted on in the state Senate.

“It is a privilege to serve the residents of my district in the state Assembly. As their representative, it is my responsibility to ensure that their interests are served and their tax dollars are protected from wasteful spending. Taxpayers deserve a government they can trust, and need to know their concerns are being heard in Albany.”