Area Children Meet Assemblyman Oaks’ Summer Reading Challenge

This Year’s Theme was “Building a Better World”
November 2, 2017

Assemblyman Bob Oaks (R-C Macedon) said he is pleased that students from across the 130th Assembly District spent much of their time away from school this summer with books. Children from many area schools participated in his reading challenge.

“We had such great participation this summer, with students from Wayne Central to Weedsport and every part of the district,” Assemblyman Oaks said. “I am proud of all of the youngsters from participating schools, as well as those who were home-schooled, who spent time reading during the summer. I am always excited when children and parents share their love of books. It ensures that learning doesn’t stop because school is out.”

The challenge is designed to encourage a love of reading by school-age children. School districts from the 130th Assembly District represented included: Clyde-Savannah, Hannibal, Lyons, Newark, North Rose-Wolcott, Red Creek, Palmyra-Macedon, Port Byron, Wayne Central, Weedsport and Williamson. In addition, several students who are home-schooled participated.

The challenge ran during July and August. This year’s theme for children, “Building a Better World,” was developed to show students that the real reward from reading together can be found between the covers of books. Parents, grandparents, babysitters or others with whom the child read marked each day in July and August that a child spent on reading. When 40 days were marked, the children were eligible to receive a New York State Excellence in Reading Certificate from Assemblyman Oaks, as well as small tokens of stickers and pencils. The certificate recognizes each child for attaining the goal.

“I want to thank the children and their families for their participation,” Assemblyman Oaks said. “I am happy to offer this challenge each year to encourage the love of reading.”